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[Stories] Islands in the Northern Sea and Confidential Data

What happened in earlier episodes By the time one can get the feeling, our fellows from the administration of this island in the northern sea have a very – let’s say “own” – relationship to personal data than we continental europeans. To make things short, here we got a short overview about what happened before: […]

[e-Biz] Apple Stock Going Down 17% on Nasdaq

Morgan Stanley and the Royal Bank of Canada yesterday downgraded Apple’s share from “overweight” to “equal-weight”, cutting down the price target from $178 to $115. They don’t expect Apple to sell as much Macs within the next three months like in the 2.5 years before. After this information the Apple share went down from 128.24US$ […]

[e-Biz] Wallmart also Shutting down DRM Servers

The next DRM Server’s Shutdown to come The transition is coming silenty, for Walmart it began in August 2007, when they began selling digital music free of DRM. Prior Walmart has been using the proprietary implementation WMA by Microsoft to protect music from copying. With the open letter by Steve Jobs (February 2007), that dealt […]

[iPhone] Recommended Apps: PaklSound1

People in the know what’s going on in the field of music innovations have already gotten to know Tenori-On by Yamaha. Tenori-On is by far the most innovative new music instruments (read article here). Anyway a group of programmers now decided to bring at least parts of the fun that Tenori-On includes to our beloved […]

[iPhone] Apple Sells Unlocked 3G’s in Hong Kong (update)

As of today Apple sells their new iPhone 3G factory unlocked in Hong Kong. The Apple Site explicitly says: “iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier.” Prices will vary from 5,400HK$ for the 8GB model (695US$ or 476€) and 6,200HK$ for the 16GB model (798US$ or 547€). […]

[MacOS] Using CrossOver to run UltraEdit

I. Abstract Many of us are nowadays using different operating systems almost at the same time. At work most of us use Windows machines, at home we use a Mac, coexisting with a Windows Laptop. Although we really like the Mac eco system, from time to time we find out we’re missing something from the […]

[Windows] Pre-Beta of Windows 7 to be disseminated on Oct, 28th

At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC 2008) in Los Angeles, Microsoft will distribute Windows 7 to participants of Steven Sinofsky’s Keynote. This Pre-Beta of Windows 7 will obviously be distributed on a 160GB harddrive, which also contains conference notes. The conference will mainly demonstrate how developers can make their Windows applications compatible with Windows […]

[Windows] Google Chrome without Spyware = Iron (update)

[Update] Feb 2nd, 2011 It seems Iron is no serious project and only follows the intention to allure people visiting the SRWare Iron website in order to make money from Google’s adsense. More information to be found here: What it is The “Iron” browser is based on the “Google Chromium” source code, but “Iron” […]

[Android] First Google Android Cellphone: HTC G1 (update)

Today T-Mobile US, HTC and Google presented the first cellphone running with the Android operating system by Google. The HTC manufactured device will be called “G1 with Google” and will be available from october 22nd, 2008 for 180US$. The phone will be net-locked to the T-Mobile US network. T-Mobile’s tariff T-Mobile’s plan includes a data […]

[Windows] New Features In Windows 7

It seems the upcoming Windows 7 operating system will include some nice features for their customers. First being a feature to automatically update installed games. Manual searching for patches, bugfixes and add-ons might be finally over then. The technique seems to be similar to the update technique for Microsoft Office. The game update feature is […]