[iPhone] HowTo Make MMS Work on iPhone 2G

NOTE: This walkthrough is for iPhone OS 3.0 only!

For MMS on iPhone 2G with firmware 3.1, buy SwirlyMMS on Cydia Store

I. Abstract

Many iPhone 2G users are not very amused about Apple’s update policy. As of iPhone OS 3.0, owners can eventually use MMS on their iPhones. All owners? No, not the ones who have iPhones from the very beginning.

The MMS feature is not officially available on the iPhone 2G, although there is no technical reason for the limitation – as we’ve seen with SwirlyMMS.

This seems to be one of Apple’s ways to tell you you need to get a new iPhone at least every two years. Quite expensive you think? Right, but get used to it as this seems to be Apple’s business strategy of lifecycles with many products.

Anyway, Apple provides one of the best user experiences for their products and that’s the point why you are here reading these lines.

To make things short. There is a way to make MMS work on the iPhone 2G with firmware 3.0. Kudos fly out to Geniusan for the ActivateMMS2G patch, and to Craig_16 (this walkthrough is based on his findings!).

II. Requirements

You need to have the following configuration:

  • an iPhone 2G with iPhone OS 3.0 (Warning don’t try this on an iPhone 3G or 3Gs, you’d be screwed!!!)
  • jailbroken (find Jailbreak HowTo here)
  • with Cydia running

Of course you’ve done a backup of your contacts, your calendar, and your photos, didn’t you?

And you need to have your carrier settings available (!!!!). Search MMS settings here before you proceed! In the following example we’re going to use a reseller of the german T-Mobile network called Callmobile. Callmobile got these settings:

Internet / Wap Callmobile Germany
APN internet.t-mobile
Username tm
Password tm
Visual Voicemail (not available!)
MMS settings
APN mms.t-d1.de
Username t-mobile
Password mms
MMSC http://mms.t-mobile.de/servlets/mms

III. Preparations

The preparation steps are intended for user who already have tempered to make MMS running but failed. Those steps help restoring the iPhone to a status where we can eventually enable the MMS feature. Our recommendation: if you didnot try to make MMS running yet, you may want to read these steps anyway and apply most of the steps as available.

Pre.Step 1: Resetting Cellular Data Profiles

If you already tempered with the network settings to make MMS work, you first need to reset the settings. On your iPhone go to

  • Settings » General » Network » Cellular Data Network
    If the Cellular Data Network menu is no available: that’s no problem, we’re gonna enable it later. Jump to Pre.Step 2.
  • Scroll down and click on Reset Settings

  • Confirm question with a click on the Reset button
  • Click the Network button to leave the settings menu and
  • Reboot your iPhone

Pre.Step 2:  Removing Cellular Profiles

On your iPhone go to

  • Settings » General » Profile

    Again: if this menu is not available, we’re gonna enable it later. Jump to Pre.Step 3.
  • Click Remove
  • Confirm Remove
  • Reboot your iPhone now

Pre.Step 3: Uninstalling ActivateMMS2G

On your iPhone go to

  • Cydia (available on jailbroken iPhones only! Wanna do a jailbreak now? Go here.) and
    Click Manage

  • Click Packages
  • Click ActivateMMS2G
  • Click Modify
  • Click Remove
  • Click Confirm
  • Click Reboot Device

IV. The Walkthrough

After having applied all the preparations we now have the situation that all of us should have almost the same conditions with the cellular network settings. This is an important condition.

Step 1. Installing ActivateMMS2G

On your iPhone go to

  • Cydia (available on jailbroken iPhones only! Wanna do a jailbreak now? Go here.)
  • Click Search,
    Enter manually ActivateMMS2G, and when found:
    Click ActivateMMS2G

  • Click Install and Confirm

  • Click Reboot Device

Step 2. Installing A Custom Profile

On your iPhone go to

  • Safari and open this website: http://help.benm.at (kudos!)
  • Scroll down and click Mobilconfigs create
  • now the fun part starts, as here many issues may occur if you don’t pay attention
  • In contrast to what the fields’ description show we enter in all fields the required mms settings, got it? According to our example for Callmobile we enter this:

    click Enable Thethering
    and click Generate
  • you’ll be asked if you wanna install a new profile: Click Install
  • Confirm with Install Now
  • Click Done
  • Now quit Safari
  • Don’t check the settings, but
  • again Reboot now

Step 3. Adding Appropriate Cellular Settings

On your iPhone go to:

  • Settings » General » Network » Cellular Data Network
  • Now you see, that the MMS settings are present in all fields, of course this is wrong.
  • Now remember one thing: don't touch or edit the following entries: MMS/APN, MMS/Username, and MMS/Password. Once edited manually they will be lost and missing, because they will not get saved after leaving the menu. You would then have to start over above with point III. Preparations. You got me, right?
  • Enter MMSC and MMS Proxy first.
  • For Callmobile Germany (see above)
    MMSC is http://mms.t-mobile.de/servlets/mms and
    MMS Proxy is
  • The result will look like this:
  • Click the Network button to leave the settings menu and
  • do a Reboot now to make sure the iPhone has loaded the new MMS settings

Step 4. Sending two Test MMS’

What we here basically do is, we’re gonna send the MMS to us. This allows us to check if receiving works and this also auto-enables the MMS feature on many carriers worldwide (not with AT&T in the U.S., sorry). After sending the first MMS you may receive an SMS instead that tells you you can watch the MMS on the internet. This is because the carrier has not updated your MMS capability yet. Now wait about five minutes and send another MMS to your own iPhone. This time you should receive it.

This is how we do it. On your iPhone go to:

  • Messages
  • Click on New Message icon (also note that a camera icon will be left to the text field)
  • Enter your own iPhone cell number
  • Click the camera icon and take a photo

  • Back in the Messages app, click the Send button
  • Your first MMS will be send now
  • As already written above: you should be either receiving now a text message telling you to read the MMS on the internet or you receive the MMS. If you only get a text message wait a couple of minutes and try again.

If anything does not work: we recommend to check the internet for your carrier specific settings. In 99% of the cases it is not related to the iPhone, but due to wrong carrier settings. Or your carrier simply has deactivated the MMS feature for your subscription (i.e. AT&T)!

Step 5. Editing the EDGE/GPRS Internet Settings

Again on your iPhone ;-) go to:

  • Settings » General » Network » Cellular Data Network
  • Edit the Cellular Data fields
  • As written in the beginning, for Callmobile Germany take this:
    APN is internet.t-mobile
    Username is tm
    Password is tm
  • Click the Network button to leave the settings menu and
  • Reboot your iPhone

V. Final words

You should check if your EDGE/GPRS settings work by deactivating your Wi-Fi and go online via GPRS/EDGE only. People reported it may be slower than before. We cannot confirm this. EDGE/GPRS is slow like hell anyway. If you are running a subscription that supports Visual Voicemail you can also enter the appropriate information after reboot and test if it works.

Did we tell you about our sponsors? They help us maintaining this site free. You may visit them to check their coolest offers. Thanks! If you got questions, additions or shouts, don’t hesitate…

44 thoughts on “[iPhone] HowTo Make MMS Work on iPhone 2G

  1. Bernard S.

    Works like a charm. I was going crazy when settings were not getting saved. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. AdamKr

    Thanks!!!!! Eventually MMS works! You’re the heroes of may day.

    I have just donated those 0.50US$. That article is definitely worth it. I was getting mad on ActivateMMS2G not working as expected.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work Berlin guys.

  3. Jee

    Hey, I followed these instructions step by step, however, because I am with Fido in Canada and do not have a data plan, i do not use the internet from my phone (unless I am using wi-fi). If i have incorrect APN settings inputed for my cellular data (to prevent accidenal usage), but the correct apn settings for mms, will the mms still work??

  4. UNKNOWN617

    hey will i be able to send mms eventhough i dont have a data plan and just use wifi?

  5. josh

    I did everything as listed. when i go to settings – – -> general – – > network – – > I don’t have the “Cellular date network.” can’t get this to show up for the life of me. i have tried every tutorial online and still cannot get this to work. it’s driving me crazy. i have 2g iphone with 3.0 installed and have done everything exactly as i should. i have at&t. will this work with Att&t?

  6. metapapa Post author

    Hmm, it looks like your iPhone settings are kinda screwed. The profile seems not to be saved on your system otherwise you would see the “cellular” menu. I think you now got two choices:

    1. follow our edge guide to enable the “cellular network” menu: http://www.incomplete-news.com/?p=29


    2. if the edge guide does not work you can:
    2.1. restore your iPhone with a fresh 3.0
    2.2. don’t re-install autobackuped settings – as this may screw up your iPhone again
    2.3. re-sync calendar and addressbook and all the rest
    2.4. try our guide to enable mms again

    please report your experiences back for helping others!

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  8. rastapete

    This worked perfectly for me – there was one difference from the instructions though.

    After installing the profile & rebooting (Step 2), the settings were not showing in the Cellular Data Network screen. But I went ahead and entered the MMSC and MMS Proxy settings and rebooted again, and all the settings were there.

    Oh, and Tethering isn’t available, although I did set it up in the Profile Configuration.

  9. fire17

    I keep getting a stupid red explanation point next to the photo and text i send…
    I’m in Israel, using Orange. i went to the site: http://swirlyspace.com/mmssettings/
    (thats what it says at the top) and i scrolled down for Israel/Orange… ive tryed a few different combos of APN, usrns and passes and rebooting the iphone after each one, but nothing changes! still getting that stupid red explanation point!


    meanwhile ill try to go down the list changing different settings but so far no luck…

  10. metapapa Post author

    I had the exclamation mark aswell, when trying to send Group MMS’. Group MMS seem to have issues still.

    Anyway: in general the exclamation mark indicates that your network settings are wrong. Means: altough you entered the info from the Swirly site, it might just be that the info is wrong OR your carrier knows you are using first gen iPhone and therefore does not allow you to use MMS (like in the U.S. with AT&T).

    Can you send MMS using other phones?

  11. Kathy Monk

    fabulous, after doing several resets on my iphone your guide was a godsend! Thank you very much!!!

  12. Ryan

    Sweet this worked! Thank you so much!
    Got it working with Cincinnati bell perfectly.

  13. AndyD

    This all worked on o2 in the uk untill i tried to enter my visual voice mail settings and i lost my mms settings again , HELP!!!!!!

  14. Tim

    I did all of this even switched phones (because I am with At&t) and activated my medianet stuff. I sent one pic without a problem then when I tried to send another it fails and continues to fail. Any suggestions? Also my apn settings and such did not disappear.

  15. Stephen Smith

    Finally got mms working thanks to your excellent, clear instructions. Thanks very much for your hard work.

  16. Jane

    Worked but can only send. receiving is still via an O2 internet page… any suggestion on how I can fix this?

    I suppose this is the same issue as with legit AT$T customers. They block it. Try this: insert SIM into different phone and send an MMS. Does it work?

  17. Angelus

    I did everything this guide told me to do, and tried other guides too, but no luck… the celular data network menu doesn’t show up, nor the little camera icon… please HELP!!!!

    Restore your iPhone and try again. MP

  18. Cheap iPhones

    This worked..however the quality of the received photo is complete shit. Is this happening for everyone? Is there a way to fix the quality? Curious.

  19. Adam

    I finally sent a picture message to myself and it was really slow and bad quality. It had that red exclamation point by the sent message saying unable to send, but it sent anyways. I have t-mobile in the us.

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  21. Justin

    Man, this worked like a charm. I was skeptical. My cellular data option was not available when I first tried this, so I reset my network settings and it appeared. The rest of this was to a T. Thank you so much.

  22. hasy

    yea, i tried all the steps but my Cellular Data Network icon doesn’t show up at all. dunno why!

  23. Sparblaze

    This disables my Edge on AT&T, so I can’t send messages. If I remove the profile my edge comes back, but I get an error when sending the message.

  24. hasy

    so i finally installed the whole thing but does it work on att with the right settings?

    as already written: It will not work on AT&T with legal iPhone 2G subscriptions. You need to change your default cell phone in the AT&T administration. You may need support from AT&T callcenter guys for this step. We’ve read: just unplug your SIM from your iPhone and plug it into another cell phone. Then call the AT&T supportand tell them your iPhone is dead anyway and you wanna use MMS with your new Nokia, Siemens, Ericson, whatever-cell-fon-you-got. AT&T blocks MMS as default for regular iPhone 2G subscribers because they know it does not work with an iPhone 2G and jailbreaking might be in violation of your contract with AT&T…

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  26. Lesarrazin

    Everything works up to step 5: I change the edge APN and after reboot MMS APN retruns to blank. How to fix it?

  27. Mitch

    For people who dont have the cellular data menu youtube supremepref 3.0. has anyone elso gotten mms working on rogers?

  28. Dax

    Downloaded the app into a jailbroken- unlocked 3.0 3G iPhone. Yes, the app said ActivateMMS2G…..yes 2G… but I went ahead anyways and installed it with Cydia. After rebooting in just shows the apple logo…..after 2 days of doing so…..it does not connect to the my computer nor toiTunes. Doing some searching found your web site…and yes …you say it….I got screwed!!!! big time. Any hopes on getting the iPhone out of this mode and useful again…Thanks.

  29. M.K.S Talal

    Thank you, it really worked for me on my iphone 2g which i recently updated to firmwire 3.1.2 and also did jailbreak and unlocked with blackra1n, The method described here for enabling mms worked fully functional.

    P.S: previously my mms apn used to get removed automatically as my mms apn and internet apn is different, but now it works, both the apn is there though they are different.

  30. loronet

    Finally worked with ver 3.1.2. Great, Great, Great!
    Installing a profile with http://help.benm.at was the missing link I had been waiting for the whole day
    Thanks a zillion.

  31. swooshmac

    finally got mms to work on FW3.1.2. thank you so much. i have been trying and trying for 1 month and with your help, it finally works!! thanks :)

  32. gary

    why do you do so much work on just for the mms to show on the text msg ? i just did
    on 3g iphone 3.1.3
    apn: wap.voicestream.com
    mms max msg size 1048576
    mms ua prof url: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
    and reboot your iphone and go back to text msg application you will see the camera for mms msg too

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