[Covid-19] Germany’s current COVID-19 crisis mainly driven by unvaccinated people

Quote: “Here, we estimate that about 67%–76% of all new infections are caused by unvaccinated individuals, implying that only 24%–33% are caused by the vaccinated. Furthermore, we estimate 38%–51% of new infections to be caused by unvaccinated individuals infecting other unvaccinated individuals. In total, unvaccinated individuals are expected to be involved in 8–9 of 10 new infections.”

Maier, B. F., Wiedermann, M., Burdinski, A., Klamser, P., Jenny, M. A., Betsch, C. & Brockmann, D. (2021). Germany’s current COVID-19 crisis is mainly driven by the unvaccinated. medRxiv. https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.11.24.21266831

[Win] Integrate iPhone-Calling into Windows

Regular switchers know about the ability of macOS to be used to connect to the iPhone in order to place calls. This functionality was long not avalailabe to Windows users, since Microsoft decided to better support Android.

A company named In The Hand Ltd. now bridged this gap and developed a tool named “Thy Phone”. It seemless integrates into Windows and comes with a clear and easy to understand interface. Using my beloved EM-Client allows to place calls directly from the contacts lists into Thy Phone. Nice and handy… One of the best 3.59EUR, I’ve invested in a long time…

Get Thy Phone on the Microsoft Store

[Covid-19] Schnelltests und die Omikron-Variante

Das Handelsblatt widmet sich der Frage, welche Antigen-Schnelltests die neuste Corona-Variante namens “Omikron” erkennen können. Mit Verweis auf Sandra Cieseks Tweet sind offenbar die Tests von Roche, Siemens und Flowflex zuverlässig in der Erkennung der Omikron-Variante.

Telgheder, M. (2021, 1. Dezember). Covid-19-Antigen-Schnelltests: Wie sicher sind die Ergebnisse von Schnelltests? Handelsblatt. Abgerufen am 4. Dezember 2021, von https://www.spektrum.de/news/welche-corona-schnelltests-sind-zuverlaessig/1954489

Ciesek, S. [CiesekSandra]. (2021, 28.November). Für Omikron funktionierende Schnelltests. Twitter. https://twitter.com/CiesekSandra/status/1464925734741368837

[Covid-19] Wie sicher sind die Ergebnisse von Schnelltests?

Spektrum der Wissenschaft berichtet über die Analyse eines deutschen Forschungsteams zur Zuverlässigkeit von Antigen-Schnelltests.

Ergebnis: rund jeder fünfte Test misst Mist…

Gelitz, C. (2021, 29. November). Covid-19-Antigen-Schnelltests: Wie sicher sind die Ergebnisse von Schnelltests? Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Abgerufen am 4. Dezember 2021, von https://www.spektrum.de/news/welche-corona-schnelltests-sind-zuverlaessig/1954489

[OSX86] Catalina Issues

Current Status of Catalina 10.15.3: 

  • h264 hardware acceleration: weird or buggy (Symptom: Avidemux can’t scan timestamps in transport streams)
  • mp4 system integration: buggy (Symptom: in certain cases mp4 encapulsated x264 videos cannot be opened within Ableton Live 10.x)
  • Finder: weird or buggy (Symptoms: apps can’t be closed and remain open in Finder, no matter what, shutdown only via terminal then)
  • SMB-Sharing: SMB1 support dropped (Symptoms: you can’t connect to your Fritz.box NAS anymore)
  • Specific drivers: not [yet?] available (Symptoms: Novation Nocturne just doesn’t work at all anymore)

My recommendation: stay with Mojave a little longer, Catalina is immature. I am going back to a working macOS now and do a full restore of my properly working Mojave from mid feb 2020. Estimated restoration time for 1TB SSD: 90mins.

In case you really wanna go Catalina and burn your own fingers, let me recommend you to perform a full backup of your Mojave installation [overnight]. Depending on the disk size, this can take a cpl of hours. Carbon Copy Cloner is your tool of choice in this case…

[OSX86] Setting up an iHackintosh 18,3

So ten years are over. In order to use latest music production tools (Ableton 10, Reason 11 and Cubase 10) I had to upgrade my old hackintosh and set up a new one. Luckily the community and the technology has made so much progress in the meantime that lots of adaptations required to get a hackintosh to work in vanilla mode ten years ago are just not necessary anymore. For instance, nowadays UEFI has become standard on motherboards. Back then, you had to build a pseudo Apple EFI 1.x emulation on top of the BIOS. That has become a lot easier and me likey mucho.

Ok, so much for the history lessons, let’s make a long story short. After reading mainly here, here and there I set up my system with the following configuration (yes this article is a refreshed version of my older post over at TonyMacX86)…

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[Bitwig] EDU License Now Available

The Bitwig Studio EDU License is now available to students, faculty, staff, and administrators attending or working at an accredited educational facility or institution. Eventually there is a cost effective solution for purchasing BITWIG STUDIO.

The Bitwig Studio EDU License is available from selected distributors worldwide and online from Bitwig’s webshop.

To find out more about Bitwig Studio EDU license eligibility requirements, please visit Bitwig’s FAQ Section.

Bitwig Studio EDU Pricing
269.99 USD
209 EUR (incl. German VAT of 19%)
169.99 GBP (incl. UK VAT of 20%)

Educational Site Licenses are also now available upon request. For Site Licenses contact Bitwig via edu@bitwig.com

[Muzaq] BlueCatAudio’s Free Frequency Analyzer Plugin

Are you searching for a Frequency Analyzer Plugin? You may check Blue Cat Audio’s handy freeware plugin…

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst is a free spectrum analyzer plug-in that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time.

Free multiplatform download and many more details here


[Science] Live Stream of the Earth captured from the ISS

This is really impressive: the NASA has attached High-Definition videocameras to the International Space Station (ISS). The live stream is available 24/7…

Live streaming video by Ustream

via: IFuckingLoveScience