[iPhone] iPhone 3G Bootloader 5.8 Compromised

George Hotz – well known to the iPhone scene as GeoHot – has put some efforts into analyzing the  behaviour of the bootloader 5.8 that is running in many iPhone 3G’s. He found the signature checking of the bootloader is buggy. By exploiting this bug we are now able to up- and downgrade the bootloader. Sadly many of nowadays iPhone 3G’s contain bootloader 5.91. which added an RSA check that GeoHot could not circumvent yet. Read his whole article here.

By the way: this seems to be the same exploit the iPhone Dev Team used and released to be able to be used for manipulating (read our news here). Anyway GeoHot did standing work again. Kudos to you, dude.

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7 Responses to “[iPhone] iPhone 3G Bootloader 5.8 Compromised”

  1. […] recently reported that exploits can be applied to the baseband bootloader 5.8 to install any bootloader. Now a working exploit has been released via […]

  2. sajid says:

    how to cheack bootloder in 3g iphone.
    how to unlock 2.2.1
    can you send me video

  3. sajid says:

    how to cheack bootloder in 3g iphone.
    how to unlock 2.2.1
    can you send me email
    pls help

  4. […] the rest here:  [iPhone] iPhone 3G Bootloader 5.8 Compromised […]

  5. Yim Kimpov says:


    Why my I phone after updated to 2.2.1 it is being used double SIM, I really want to downgrade baseband from 2.30.03 to 2.28… but I can not do. How can I do? Now even I use double SIM it is still have no service; How can I solve this stupid problem.
    tell me how to solve, because my phone bootloader is not 5.8 so it needs bootloader 5.8

    I look forwards to hearing from you soon

    Yim Kimpov

  6. metapapa says:

    afaik only bootloader 5.8 can be used to downgrade baseband. and this is quite risky as there are a lot reports about issues.

    I suppose you’re stuck atm. Sorry for the bad news.

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