[Windows] New Features In Windows 7

It seems the upcoming Windows 7 operating system will include some nice features for their customers. First being a feature to automatically update installed games. Manual searching for patches, bugfixes and add-ons might be finally over then. The technique seems to be similar to the update technique for Microsoft Office. The game update feature is currently included in an early developer version of Windows 7. Next being the Ribbon technology. As it has been introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, in Windows 7 even the WordPad and Paint will have the Ribbon technology.

Microsoft reps didn’t tell if these features will really be available in the final version of the upcoming operating system. Windows 7 is planned to be released in 2010 and will be based on Vista.

Pictures are courtesy of ThinkNext (see more pictures here)…

One thought on “[Windows] New Features In Windows 7

  1. Beachball

    Nice! I really liked the ribbon concept in Office 2007, which, sadly enough, is quite ab bit better than the Mac version. On the other hand, introdung ribbons to a lot of apps will cost screen real estate. So notebook users would love a the possibility to switch this off…

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