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[iPhone] Apple Sells Unlocked 3G’s in Hong Kong (update)

As of today Apple sells their new iPhone 3G factory unlocked in Hong Kong. The Apple Site explicitly says:

“iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier.”

Prices will vary from 5,400HK$ for the 8GB model (695US$ or 476€) and 6,200HK$ for the 16GB model (798US$ or 547€). This obviously is the end of Apple’s strategy of exclusive carrier linking of their iPhones.

We want to remind you that import taxes will apply when shipping from Hong Kong to either the US or Europe. So this would not be a bargain. You’d better wait a couple of weeks, probably Apple will apply this new selling strategy to other markets as well in the near future. Next step should be to license visual voicemail to any carrier worldwide and make it a standard in cell phone communication.

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