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[Pre] New Rumors about Palm Pre’s Release Date

On the forums Coal – one of the admins – seems to have had access to internal Sprint documents. Coal says there might be “2 release windows, one is around 6/7/09 – the other I cannot say much on”. This could match rumors from, who have been informed by an anonymous guy that […]

[iPhone] Apple Sells Unlocked 3G’s in Hong Kong (update)

As of today Apple sells their new iPhone 3G factory unlocked in Hong Kong. The Apple Site explicitly says: “iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier.” Prices will vary from 5,400HK$ for the 8GB model (695US$ or 476€) and 6,200HK$ for the 16GB model (798US$ or 547€). […]

[iPhone] Factory Unlocked 3G List (“Locked to Carrier” List) (update)

[Update] Sep, 26th: News from Hong Kong added (details here) [Update] Aug, 25th: Apple’s list update included. Almost unnoticed on july, 11th 2008 Apple also published a list of carriers offering the iPhone. The interesting thing with this list is, it also contains information about the status of the SIM lock in specific countries. Apple’s […]

[iPhone] Honk Kong sold iPhones not SIM locked

It has been confirmed by early buyers from Hong Kong that the iPhone 3G is not SIM locked over there. However you need to sign a 24 months agreement with the carrier Hutchison Telecommunications to get hold of the iPhone and you need to activate in store.