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[iPhone] Geohot confirms 3G uses new Bootloader

Although we didn’t get our hands on a new iPhone 3G yet, things are as expected: the iPhone 3G uses a new bootloader for its baseband modem as confirmed by Geohot. Bootloader versions from the “old” iPhones As far as we are aware the there are those 3 different bootloader versions known on old iPhones: […]

[iPhone] Honk Kong sold iPhones not SIM locked

It has been confirmed by early buyers from Hong Kong that the iPhone 3G is not SIM locked over there. However you need to sign a 24 months agreement with the carrier Hutchison Telecommunications to get hold of the iPhone and you need to activate in store.

[iPhone] Debitel to Sell 3G iPhone in Germany

The german resell provider Debitel will sell the new iPhone 3G. Contracts have been closed between T-Com and Debitel. Debitel is now allowed to distribute iPhone thru their own Dug stores and thru the Metro-Group’s electronic markets Media Markt and Saturn. Karstadt and Galeria-Kaufhof stores may follow soon. Though it is rumored that Debitel’s iPhones […]

[iPhone] T-Mobile to sell iPhone 3G for 1Euro

T-Mobile will subsidize the iPhone 3G. They just announced to sell the new UMTS 3G iPhone for just 1€, if bought with a two year lasting contract for 89€. With a contract for 29€/month the price for the iPhone will be 169€. As a loyalty bonus to clients who bought the “old” iPhone, the new […]

[iPhone] The iPhone 3G TV commercial

Just found…

[iPhone] The new iPhone revealed II

Ok here we go with the details about the new 3G iPhone. Steve Jobs revealed it about one hours ago on the Apple WWDC in San Francisco. Technical details 3G iPhone (means UMTS for us europeans) 8GB modell with black backside or 16GB modell with white backside case is completely in plastic now :-( real […]