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[iPhone] Firmware 2.1 Beta and new SDK for Developers

Apple has just released the new firmware 2.1 beta to developers. Firmware 2.1 brings a better GPS integration for 3G devices to allow using it as a real navigation receiver. The GPS feature “Core Location” can now also detect the speed and the direction of your moves. For 2G and 3G users there will be […]

[iPhone] The new iPhone revealed II

Ok here we go with the details about the new 3G iPhone. Steve Jobs revealed it about one hours ago on the Apple WWDC in San Francisco. Technical details 3G iPhone (means UMTS for us europeans) 8GB modell with black backside or 16GB modell with white backside case is completely in plastic now :-( real […]

[iPhone] The new iPhone revealed

Yes, Steve really gave us what we wanted to have so desperately. See the video of a pre-presentation here: ;-)