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[iPhone] AT&T To Lose iPhone Exclusivity?

The last weeks are full of rumors if AT&T will prolong their exclusive contracts with Apple. Rumors say the original contracts are gonna expire in the middle of 2010.

Thus allowing Apple to negotiate with different carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. T-Mobile is currently the exclusive partner for Apple in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

AT&T is said is willing to prolong their contracts until the end of 2011, but Verizon and T-Mobile seem to be secretely testing Apple’s forthcoming device named internally iPhone 3,1.

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[iPhone] iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 released – don’t update!

We’re back. All articles should still be available. Nothing more to tell.

As we expected the 2.0.1 firmware was still buggy like 2.0 and since yesterday night, Apple offers firmware 2.0.2 for iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. They claim this firmware version solves UMTS/3G issues for iPhone 3G users. Besides that information Apple don’t tell anything.

As we investigated a little: customers who already installed this new firmware still encounter 3G connection problems (see Apple’s forum here).

As we’re not aware if there are any advantages for 2.0 and 2.0.1 users: we recommend not to update now. We will get back to you with more details, once we tested 2.0.2 carefully.

[iPhone] Firmware 2.0 Unlocked

It is rumored that the iPhone Dev Team yet made it to jailbreak and unlock firmware 2.0. The firmware revision that has been found some hours ago on Apple’s download servers seems to be the real deal, although not being published via auto-update yet.

The Pwnage Tool is currently undergoing little modifications and testings to fully support firmware 2.0. Note that these information seem to apply to the iPhone 2G only, not the new iPhone 3G. Since the new iPhone is expected to use a new bootloader version.

Once the new Pwnage Tool has been released, we’re gonna provide a HowTo. Check back regularly. For now you find our “old” Pwnage HowTo for firmware 1.1.4 here.

Anyway this is good news: congrats to the iPhone Dev Team. Live long and prosper, guys!!!

Update 12.07.2008: see video of Pwnage Tool 2.0 here (sadly Pwnage Tool is not yet publicly released)… though)…

[iPhone] iPhone AppStore already accessable via iTunes

One day before the official launch of the iPhone 3G, over here in Germany the Appstore is already accessable. This comes in a moment where some sites and forums rumor that the new 2.0 firmware can also already be downloaded for offline update. We recommend to not download the 2.0 firmware yet. The Pwnage tool does not support firmware 2.0. Be warned if you brick your iPhone.

How to access AppStore (one day before offical launch)

  • start iTunes
  • open the iTunes Store
  • search for an App like Super Monkey in the iTunes Store
  • et voilà

Types of programs you can buy or download for free

The AppStore is a major step into the right lane. Apple did the right thing here. Prices vary depending on the application. The highest price we’ve seen yet is 25.99€ for “Universalis”. “Universalis” contains psalms, prayers and readings from the Catholic Liturgy. Believing in God seems to require the iPhone nowadays.

Even Erica Sadun (kudos!) got some titles into the AppStore, like her famous To Do List, that we all know from the AppTab Installer days.

Enuff said: get yourself an own impression and start your iTunes, now…

[iPhone] Apple about to produce UMTS / 3G Modell in Q2/2008


Rumors and more rumors about the new version of our beloved iPhone. But now something really seems to be fishy. Golem.de reports that german news magazin Wirtschaftswoche talked to some Infineon insiders. They said, Apple does not order any old chips from them, but is clearing its own stocks. The new 3G model will be presented in June or July. Sale will begin in autumn 2008. Moreover a GPS module will be included in the 3G/UMTS iPhone.

» Article in the Wirtschaftswoche (german only)