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[iPhone] AT&T To Lose iPhone Exclusivity?

The last weeks are full of rumors if AT&T will prolong their exclusive contracts with Apple. Rumors say the original contracts are gonna expire in the middle of 2010. Thus allowing Apple to negotiate with different carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. T-Mobile is currently the exclusive partner for Apple in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and […]

[Pre] WebOS Update 1.3.1 Coming End of November

Palminfocenter is reporting that webOS 1.3.1 is coming to european Palm Pre’s by the end of november. They say they gotten this news from UK O2’s reps. Palm did not comment on this, though. » webOS 1.3 in Europe by end of november…

[iPhone] iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 released – don’t update!

We’re back. All articles should still be available. Nothing more to tell. As we expected the 2.0.1 firmware was still buggy like 2.0 and since yesterday night, Apple offers firmware 2.0.2 for iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. They claim this firmware version solves UMTS/3G issues for iPhone 3G users. Besides that information Apple don’t tell […]

[iPhone] Firmware 2.0 Unlocked

It is rumored that the iPhone Dev Team yet made it to jailbreak and unlock firmware 2.0. The firmware revision that has been found some hours ago on Apple’s download servers seems to be the real deal, although not being published via auto-update yet. The Pwnage Tool is currently undergoing little modifications and testings to […]

[iPhone] iPhone AppStore already accessable via iTunes

One day before the official launch of the iPhone 3G, over here in Germany the Appstore is already accessable. This comes in a moment where some sites and forums rumor that the new 2.0 firmware can also already be downloaded for offline update. We recommend to not download the 2.0 firmware yet. The Pwnage tool […]

[iPhone] The new iPhone revealed

Yes, Steve really gave us what we wanted to have so desperately. See the video of a pre-presentation here: ;-)

[iPhone] Apple about to produce UMTS / 3G Modell in Q2/2008

english Rumors and more rumors about the new version of our beloved iPhone. But now something really seems to be fishy. reports that german news magazin Wirtschaftswoche talked to some Infineon insiders. They said, Apple does not order any old chips from them, but is clearing its own stocks. The new 3G model will […]