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[Pre] WebOS Update 1.3.1 Coming End of November

Palminfocenter is reporting that webOS 1.3.1 is coming to european Palm Pre’s by the end of november. They say they gotten this news from UK O2’s reps. Palm did not comment on this, though. » webOS 1.3 in Europe by end of november…

[Pre] Marry me again: WebOS 1.2.1 syncs to iTunes 9.01

A couple of days after their latest release of WebOS 1.2 Palm released WebOS 1.2.1. Now the Palm Pre is again synchronizing with Apple’s iTunes 9.0.1. Since iTunes version 8.2.1 with every update Apple is trying to stop Palm from syncing their Pre with iTunes. As we’ve seen in the past, all those attempts by […]

[Pre] Palm Pre Wrapping Photos Surfaced

The Chinese got hold of some Palm Pre wrapping photos. It is rumored Sprint and Palm will announce the release on May 19th, 2009. Get ready for competition… Photos are courtesy of…

[Pre] Palm Pre’s Release Date

According to the US american carrier Sprint will be the official distributor of Palm’s new flagship “Pre”. is referring to internal Sprint memos that there are two possible launch dates. If Palm can deliver enough units the launch might be on May 17th, 2009 or if not the release will be delayed until […]