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[Pre] Palm Pre to Ship with Adobe Flash Soon (Upd.)

Adobe released a video yesterday featuring the Palm Pre running Adobe Flash. Adrian Ludwig from Adobe Labs shows websites running with Flash Player 10.1 beta on the semi-official iPhone challenger Palm Pre.

In their official press statement Adobe say

A public developer beta of the browser-based runtime is expected to be available for Windows® Mobile, Palm® webOS and desktop operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year.”

Developers may sign up for notification about the Adobe Flash beta for the Palm Pre.

Interestingly neither this statement nor the statement on Adobe Labs include a single word about Apple’s iPhone or the iPhone OS X. Could this mean Flash will not come anytime soon to the iPhone?

While letting those rumors dwell, enjoy the Palm Pre video featuring Adobe Flash…

The Video is courtesy by Adobe 2009.

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[Pre] Marry me again: WebOS 1.2.1 syncs to iTunes 9.01

A couple of days after their latest release of WebOS 1.2 Palm released WebOS 1.2.1. Now the Palm Pre is again synchronizing with Apple’s iTunes 9.0.1. Since iTunes version 8.2.1 with every update Apple is trying to stop Palm from syncing their Pre with iTunes. As we’ve seen in the past, all those attempts by Apple don’t last long. According to Precentral.net the Palm Pre uses Apple’s USB idVendor string to fool iTunes into thinking the Palm Pre is an iPod.

The WebOS 1.2.1 update features:

  • sync photo albums with iTunes
  • reducing size of photos on the Pre
  • bugfix for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 sync

The update is 38MBybte in size and will be transmitted automatically on the Pre – at least in the USA.