[iPhone] Firmware 2.0 Unlocked

It is rumored that the iPhone Dev Team yet made it to jailbreak and unlock firmware 2.0. The firmware revision that has been found some hours ago on Apple’s download servers seems to be the real deal, although not being published via auto-update yet.

The Pwnage Tool is currently undergoing little modifications and testings to fully support firmware 2.0. Note that these information seem to apply to the iPhone 2G only, not the new iPhone 3G. Since the new iPhone is expected to use a new bootloader version.

Once the new Pwnage Tool has been released, we’re gonna provide a HowTo. Check back regularly. For now you find our “old” Pwnage HowTo for firmware 1.1.4 here.

Anyway this is good news: congrats to the iPhone Dev Team. Live long and prosper, guys!!!

Update 12.07.2008: see video of Pwnage Tool 2.0 here (sadly Pwnage Tool is not yet publicly released)… though)…

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