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[WebOS] Palm/HP Slate Code Name Hurrican To Come in Q3/2010?

The Examiner.com reports that they got information from HP insiders. Under code name “Hurricane” it is rumored that HP and Palm are prepping a slate tablet running Palm’s latest operating system WebOS. Their timeline says Q3/2010. Read more on Examiner.com. With HP in the back that slate could become a real competitor to the iPad. We are very curious about it…

[e-Biz] Is Dell About to Build an Android Smartphone?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is gonna build a smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system. The smartphone is rumored to be released exclusively on the AT&T network in the U.S. The german Golem.de News also mentions negotiations between Dell and T-Mobile.

Dell seems to be able to deliver the smartphone in the beginning of 2010. There is no information available if it will be based on the Mini3i smartphone, that Dell lately allowed China Mobile to evaluate.

The smartphone will also make use of a touchscreen, a camera, a browser and a music player. More iPhone competition seems to be on the way.

[iPhone] Apple about to produce UMTS / 3G Modell in Q2/2008


Rumors and more rumors about the new version of our beloved iPhone. But now something really seems to be fishy. Golem.de reports that german news magazin Wirtschaftswoche talked to some Infineon insiders. They said, Apple does not order any old chips from them, but is clearing its own stocks. The new 3G model will be presented in June or July. Sale will begin in autumn 2008. Moreover a GPS module will be included in the 3G/UMTS iPhone.

» Article in the Wirtschaftswoche (german only)