[iPhone] Factory Unlocked 3G List (“Locked to Carrier” List) (update)

[Update] Sep, 26th: News from Hong Kong added (details here)
[Update] Aug, 25th: Apple’s list update included.

Almost unnoticed on july, 11th 2008 Apple also published a list of carriers offering the iPhone. The interesting thing with this list is, it also contains information about the status of the SIM lock in specific countries.

Apple’s official “Locked to Carrier” list

This is an extract from the official Apple list found here:

Country Carrier SIM Lock Available without Agreement
Italy Vodafone No Yes (499€/8GB, 569€/16GB)
Italy TIM No Yes (499€/8GB, 569€/16GB)
Hong Kong 3 No No (375€/8GB, n.a.€/16GB)
Hong Kong (Apple Store) No Yes (476€/8GB, 547€/16GB)
Greece Vodafone No No (Details here)
Czech Republic O2 No Yes (490€/8GB, 570€/16GB)
New Zealand Vodafone No Yes (470€/8GB, 535€/16GB)
Singapore SingTel No No (490€/8GB, 570€/16GB)
Slovakia Orange No No? (Details)
Macao 3 No No? (Details)

It is rumored, the unlocked iPhones need to be activated aswell, but in this case it can be done at home using iTunes. No matter how often you change your carrier, it seems you can always re-activate.

Forum reports

In addition to the offical Apple list, this is what people report in forums:

Country Carrier SIM Lock Available without Agreement
Belgium Mobistar No Yes (n.a.€/8GB, 615€/16GB)
France Orange Yes (100€ Unlock fee) Yes (509€/8GB, 609€/16GB)

This list may not be 100% accurate and refers to reports on forums, like hackint0sh. Feel free to add more details like pricing and how to obtain unlocked devices elsewhere as comments below. Thanks!

The cheapest iPhone 3G

For people living in Switzerland, Swisscom offers the iPhone 3G for beating prices between 519 CHF (=510 US$, =325€) for the 8GB version and 619 CHF (=610US$, =385€) for the 16GB version. This includes a prepaid tariff with no obligations. Disadvantages: 1. iPhone 3G is simlocked to Swisscom. You currently cannot unlock, since Proxy SIMs have heavy (legal) disadvantages (read here), 2. This offer is limited to people living in Switzerland. Your citizenship and rights of residence are checked in Swisscom stores. Tourists (=foreigners) not living in Switzerland cannot buy it.

14 thoughts on “[iPhone] Factory Unlocked 3G List (“Locked to Carrier” List) (update)

  1. Michael Ross

    In Hong Kong, you need a HK ID card to sign a 24-month contract with “3”.

    And NO the iPhone is NOT available for sale without a contract in Hong Kong. Not through 3.

    Thanks to you Michael for the info

  2. Mobiles NZ

    I live in HK and you still need to pre-pay. I know in the US you can have no contract payments if you default on your initial payments with AT&T

  3. wolf

    Why rely on vague information if APPLE gives it away?

    Wolf, thanks…
    but erm… let me pose a single question. Have you read till the second heading?
    “This is an extract from the official Apple list found here“, anyway… 8-)


  4. Dody

    Hi..i’m from Indonesia and i’m trying to get my hand on iphone 3G. sadly we still don’t have iphone 3G here and i’m trying to get them from outside of Indonesia. they say that for unlock iphone it will cost me around $USD 1.200 in Indonesia. It ridiculous. can you guys help me in getting the unlock iphone so that i can use it in Indonesia using my GSM? and where is the nearest country to get iphone? angd how much is it?

  5. metapapa Post author

    You may try it in Japan or Australia. But why not trying to import an iPhone 3G from the US? Check eBay: 8GB versions of the 3G are available from 550US$+s/h/i (about 50US$). Additionally you country may apply import taxes/customs…

  6. Faisal

    Here in Middle East (UAE & KSA) the local operator is selling unlocked IPhone 3G, 16GB US$ 760, prepaid plan, no monthly payment, 250 MB monthly free data for 6 months.

    with post paid 325 US$, Monthly 80$ with 500MB data 125 min & 125 sms.

    All Unlocked :)

  7. hadi

    I live in canada .I like to buy some for uae
    can you please let me know if I can buy it ,and if I can give me some details .
    Thank you

  8. Abdul Malik

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  9. tonting

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  10. allrady

    it is a rumor goes that there are many men purchase apple iphone4 factory unlocked from a webstore ego2000 because they offer the original product and the competitive price. how they get so preferential frice for the customers !!

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