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[PS3] PS Jailbreak and Clones To Be Released

Media have widely reported about the latest steps in hacking the Playstation 3 console. Obviously that tiny PS Jailbreak USB Dongle turns a consumer PS3 into a debug PS3, thus allowing to run games from the internal or from an attached USB harddrive. The price is said to be around 160US$. For legal reasons here […]

[Windows] Pre-Beta of Windows 7 to be disseminated on Oct, 28th

At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC 2008) in Los Angeles, Microsoft will distribute Windows 7 to participants of Steven Sinofsky‘s Keynote. This Pre-Beta of Windows 7 will obviously be distributed on a 160GB harddrive, which also contains conference notes. The conference will mainly demonstrate how developers can make their Windows applications compatible with Windows […]