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[PS3] Hacking the Hackers: PS Jailbreak Reverse Engineered

German Gamefreax claim to have reverse engineered a testing PSJailbreak device. They say this exploit is based on emulating of a USB hub which gets virtual devices attached and unattached at certain points during the boot process.

Among those emulated devices there is also one that uses the ID of Sony’s JIG module. Anyway Gamefreax claim this hack is based on a self developed exploit. Dumped files that might support this claim are not available at this moment…

Picture snippet of USB Stream is courtesy of Gamefreax.de

[PS3] PS Jailbreak and Clones To Be Released

Media have widely reported about the latest steps in hacking the Playstation 3 console. Obviously that tiny PS Jailbreak USB Dongle turns a consumer PS3 into a debug PS3, thus allowing to run games from the internal or from an attached USB harddrive. The price is said to be around 160US$. For legal reasons here in Germany we can’t like to PS Jailbreak supplyers.

Now PS3Hax.net reports that using PS Jailbreak on Sony’s Playstation Network is very likely to result in being banned:

According to SKFUand RichDevX, the Backup manager game ID (LAUN-12345) could be logged/recorded by Sony when logged into PSN (when online). This would obviously allow Sony to see who would be using the illegal PSjb/clone and we could very well see ban waves similar to the Xbox 360. Sony does currently ban PSN/consoles that results in the 8002A227 error code.

Redmondpie.com reports that latest rumors indicate that there are also chinese clones of the PS3 Jailbreak called X3Jailbreak on their way, priced at 40$.

It seems like the PS3 hacking as a business model is out of date even before it started. We suspect it it won’t take long until a free open source solution will be available on the net aswell…

[Pre] Eight Keyboard Shortcuts For WebOS

1. Soft Reboot

  • Hold these keys at once Orange Key + Sym Key + R

2. Make Screenshot

  • Hold these keys at once Orange Key + Sym Key + P

3. Num Lock

  • double click Orange Key

4. Caps Lock

  • double click Shift Key

5. Highlight Text

  • Hold Shift Key and mark text on screen
  • Highlighted text becomes yellow backgrounded

6. Copy Text to Clipboard

  • Highlight text as described above
  • Hold finger to the gesture area (right or left of the middle button)
  • The middle button begins to glow
  • Press C Keyon keyboard to copy

7. Cut Text to Clipboard

  • Highlight text as described above
  • Hold finger to the gesture area (right or left of the middle button)
  • The middle button begins to glow
  • Press X Key on keyboard to cut

8. Paste Text from Clipboard

  • put cursor to the place where you want text pasted
  • Hold finger to the gesture area (right or left of the middle button)
  • The middle button begins to glow
  • Press V Key on keyboard to paste

[Windows] Security System of Acrobat 9 Compromised

Adobe’s security implementation of their Acrobat 9 has been compromised. Unprotecting of documents whoes password have been “forgotten” is now possible because of a vulnerability in Acrobat’s security function.

The russian software developers Elcomsoft found this and also integrated their findings into their APDFPR 5.0 (Advanced PDF Password Recovery). This tool can handle the security systems of Acrobat 5 to Acrobat 9. Elcomsoft offers three different versions:

  • APDFPR standard: 49€
  • APDFPR professional: 99€ (opens password protected PDFs)
  • APDFPR enterprise: 399€ (comes with DVD containing a rainbow table)

For legal reasons we are not allowed to link like Elcomsoft’s pages, since we are located in Germany.

[iPhone] Firmware 2.1 breaks OpenClip API

OpenClip.org announced that iPhone firmware 2.1 will break the concept of copy and paste. As reported earlier (read here) this concept was the only to obtain a clipboard on the iPhone. iPhones still lack support for data exchange between applications, that are yet normal to Windows Mobile users.

[iPhone] OpenClip.org releases Copy and Paste API

Every iPhone user knows exactly what is still missing: a clipboard where users can copy and paste text to and from. Apple said a clipboard doesn’t have priority so we would wait until eternity. The open source project OpenClip (founded by Zac White) has now taken steps to address the clipboard shebang. OpenClip offers a free API that only needs to be included in existing apps, thus enabling those apps to seemless copy and past data (text and format) between applications.

OpenClip is completely compliant with Apple’s SDK rules. OpenClip simply sets a standard location for every app where it puts data copied to the virtual clipboard. So other Apps can now read from this location and have the data put on the clipboard available then.

This GeekBrief.TV video shows how it will work:

Cut and Paste for iPhone from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.