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[iPhone] OpenClip.org releases Copy and Paste API

Every iPhone user knows exactly what is still missing: a clipboard where users can copy and paste text to and from. Apple said a clipboard doesn’t have priority so we would wait until eternity. The open source project OpenClip (founded by Zac White) has now taken steps to address the clipboard shebang. OpenClip offers a free API that only needs to be included in existing apps, thus enabling those apps to seemless copy and past data (text and format) between applications.

OpenClip is completely compliant with Apple’s SDK rules. OpenClip simply sets a standard location for every app where it puts data copied to the virtual clipboard. So other Apps can now read from this location and have the data put on the clipboard available then.

This GeekBrief.TV video shows how it will work:

Cut and Paste for iPhone from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.