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[Windows] Security System of Acrobat 9 Compromised

Adobe’s security implementation of their Acrobat 9 has been compromised. Unprotecting of documents whoes password have been “forgotten” is now possible because of a vulnerability in Acrobat’s security function.

The russian software developers Elcomsoft found this and also integrated their findings into their APDFPR 5.0 (Advanced PDF Password Recovery). This tool can handle the security systems of Acrobat 5 to Acrobat 9. Elcomsoft offers three different versions:

  • APDFPR standard: 49€
  • APDFPR professional: 99€ (opens password protected PDFs)
  • APDFPR enterprise: 399€ (comes with DVD containing a rainbow table)

For legal reasons we are not allowed to link like Elcomsoft’s pages, since we are located in Germany.