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[iOS] John Cage Piano App Released

For celebrating John Cage’s 100th birthday, the John Cage Trust just released an iOS and Android version of the CagePiano.

The John Cage Official Website says:

One of the many ingenious innovations of American composer/writer/artist John Cage was his creation of the “prepared piano”, in which he placed objects beneath and between the strings of a grand piano to create an entirely
new instrument.

The sounds of John Cage’s Prepared Piano are now available for you to play on your portable device with this innovative app. Play meticulously sampled sounds of a piano prepared with the actual materials used by John Cage in the preparations for his Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48) as sampled under the supervision of the John Cage Trust.

  • Both paid and free versions allow you to your record your performance and share it via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • The paid tablet version features all 36 prepared notes, playable at once, plus the ability to save your performances locally, making dramatically unique ring tones possible.
  • The free version offers 9 sampled notes on screen at a time, while a random shuffle button makes available other prepared notes.

Prices and Availability

The iPhone version is free. The iPad version is US$0.99.
The Android version is free aswell. But the Android tablet version is also US$0.99

The free version features only 9 tones at once. The paid version has all 36 notes playable at once.


[Pre] Palm Testing Final Version Of Adobe Flash 10.1

Adobe.com today announced, that Adobe Flash 10.1 for mobile devices has been released to mobile platform partners:

Flash Player 10.1 was also released to mobile platform partners to be supported on devices based on Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS, and is expected to be made available via over-the-air downloads and to be pre-installed on smart phones, tablets and other devices in the coming months.

Palm/HP: keep testing Flash, your userbase is keen on finding Flash on the App Catalog soon.

[iPhone] Google Android Running On iPhone

Notorious Planetbeing – member of the famous iPhone Dev Team – just released a vid showing he managed to install Google’s Android operating system on an iPhone 2G.

In the video below Android is demonstrated on an iPhone 2G; however, it should be pretty simple to port forward to the iPhone 3G. The 3GS will take more work.

Planetbeing thanks CPICH for reversing support, harmn1, posixnina, jean, marcan and saurik for patches, and last but not least, TheSeven for his work on the FTL.

Pre-built images and sources can be found at http://www.mediafire.com/?xqjzn12igfn.

Via http://linuxoniphone.blogspot.com

[iPhone] The Thing With Adobe Flash

Yesterday we’ve shown you a screenshot of the Adobe Flash download page, when you’re browsing it from a Palm Pre. Now we made this test with an iPhone. Sadly the result is what we’ve expected. Adobe and Apple are obviously in ugly negotiations.

Visiting the http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ from an iPhone you can see this:

Flash Player not available for your device

Apple restricts the use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

[Android] First Google Android Cellphone: HTC G1 (update)

Today T-Mobile US, HTC and Google presented the first cellphone running with the Android operating system by Google. The HTC manufactured device will be called “G1 with Google” and will be available from october 22nd, 2008 for 180US$. The phone will be net-locked to the T-Mobile US network.

T-Mobile’s tariff

T-Mobile’s plan includes a data traffic up to 1GB with UMTS, after 1GB traffic will be slowed down to the GPRS level. The monthly plan including 400 SMS’ will cost 25US$/mth (with unlimited using of Messaging: 35US$)

The HTC G1 phone

The HTC G1 phone integrates a touch screen like the iPhone, a tiny keyboard that hides behind the screen if not required, a camera (3megapixel) and an extension slot for microSDHC cards (256MB card preinstalled).

Availability of the HTC G1

Introduction in Great Britan: early november.
Introduction in Germany: early december.
Rest of Europe: Q1/2009

MobileBurn.com prepped a video, see here:

[e-Biz] Google’s Android Market feels like Apple’s AppStore

It looks like Google learned from Apple in the question how to distribute content and useful applications to the customer. Google will introduce a marketplace, that is quite similiar to what Apple already introduces as AppStore. As Google puts it: “We chose the term “market” rather than “store” because we feel that developers should have an open and unobstructed environment to make their content available. Similar to YouTube, content can debut in the marketplace after only three simple steps: register as a merchant, upload and describe your content and publish it.

Google also plans to integrate a wide range of statistics and analytic tools to the developers. More infos and more photos to be found here. We feel like Android’s GUI looks like Google learned a lot more from Apple than other companies in this short time. Isn’t it sarcastic, that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is member of Apple’s Board of Directors?

[e-Biz] Nokia strikes back

Nokia – the market leader in cell phone industry – is about to challenge Google. Wait a sec? Google? Yes, Google. The keyword is “mobile internet”. It is expected that in the near future more people will go online using their mobile devices than using a computer at home. Google therefore heavily pushes their cell phone operating system Android. With Google entering the cell phone market another new competitor emerges for Nokia. Last year it’s been the iPhone and now it is Google’s Android.

The only way out of this attack is to strike back. In mid 2007 Nokia announced to restructure Nokia into an internet company. Since then Nokia bought companies in the field of online advertisments, music downloads, games, digital mapping and eventually they presented Ovi (Ovi translates in english to “door”). Ovi is a portal that integrates all Nokia’s efforts to metamorphose.

But one problem still remained: the open source operating system Android. Nokia now announced to take over Symbian. Together with Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Vodafone, AT&T, NTT Docomo, ST Microsystems and Texas Instruments Nokia will set up a foundation to further improve Symbian OS – as license fee free open source operating system for mobile devices.

The german Handelsblatt today reports that the Symbian foundation in the meantime announced to release their open platform during the next two years. Well, two years is quite a long time for striking back forceful against Apple and Google…