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[iOS] Apps Crashing iOS 5.01


You’re running a jailbroken iOS 5.01 on an iPad 2 and you cannot use Firewall iP. Installing Firewall iP shows no indication of errors, but when you try to start it, it just splashes shortly and closes instantly. This behaviour is known to some more applications (like Safari or Mail).


It looks like incompatible iOS Apps are responsible for that behaviour. At the moment there seems to be no known approach to find out which app causes issues, but trial and error.

Step 1. Preparations

  • connect your iDevice to iTunes (cable preferred, WiFi may take forever)
  • login and authorize iTunes on this Mac/PC

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[iPhone] The Thing With Adobe Flash

Yesterday we’ve shown you a screenshot of the Adobe Flash download page, when you’re browsing it from a Palm Pre. Now we made this test with an iPhone. Sadly the result is what we’ve expected. Adobe and Apple are obviously in ugly negotiations.

Visiting the http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ from an iPhone you can see this:

Flash Player not available for your device

Apple restricts the use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

[iPhone] Flash coming to iPhone / No Flash Player for Safari

Although Apple still does not allow plugins for their iPhone Safari browser, Adobe will bring Flash on the iPhone using a different strategy.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 will have an export for iPhone apps. Thus allowing games and application built using Flash being compiled natively for the iPhone and being distributed via AppStore.

Sadly Adrian Ludwig clearly says in the video

“On the iPhone we don’t have a browser plugin. Flash Player 10.1 isn’t available.”

This means in contrast to the Palm Pre, Apple’s iPhone will still not be able to run Flash based internet pages.

Video is courtesy of Golem.de News

» Adobe’s Flash for iPhone info page…
» Golem.de News: “Adobe bringt Flash-Applicationen aufs iPhone” (german)…

[Windows] Safari available as recommended iTunes update


Pay attention guys when updating iTunes on your Microsoft Windows machines. iTunes will list Safari as a recommended update to your iTunes installation, although you never installed Safari before – and of course: you’d better not install it, since Paypal is about to block it anyway. More details to be found on Golem.de (german only).

» Golem.de: Apple verteilt Safari weiterhin über iTunes-Update
» Incomplete-News: Paypal about to block Safari Users


Vorsicht beim Update von iTunes auf Windows Maschinen. iTunes zeigt neuerdings Safari als ein empfohlenes Update für iTunes an – auch wenn man noch nie vorher Safari installiert hatte, weil man weiß, dass Paypal ohnehin drauf und dran ist, Safari-Browser den Zugang zu Paypal zu blockieren. Weitere Details hat Golem.de.

» Golem.de: Apple verteilt Safari weiterhin über iTunes-Update
» Incomplete-News: Paypal about to block Safari Users

[MacOS] Paypal about to block Safari Users


According to a white paper by Paypal, Safari lacks certain specific anti-phishing protections and EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Paypal will in the first place just tell the users, that they are using those unsafe browsers. Later on Paypal will take steps to refuse access to Paypal at all, when users are still using those browsers. The main problem is, Safari is not safe from fishing attacks. According to MacNN Safari is the only browser to lag behind in comparison to other browsers like Firefox 2, Opera or Internet Explorer 7.

By the way: this article is written on the Mac version of Firefox