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[Labs] Unofficial InsanelyMac.com Search Plugin for Firefox

Merry Chrismas, guys. We felt it was kinda overdue to have an INSANELYMAC.COM search plugin added to our beloved Mozilla Firefox. Of course we can also do this manually, but why not having things automized? So here we are.

What does the plugin do?
Basically we’re using our beloved Google.com to search the InsanelyMac.com site.

We are neither affiliated to InsanelyMac.com nor are we affiliated to Google.com, but we felt it might be rather comfy to have this thing automized eventually.

This is pure amateurish scripting, we won’t garantee anything. Use on your own risk. Although you may hang a cross above your computer, it may explode anyway ;-) For the paranoids among you download XML file for manual installation.

How it works
Click this button and you’re gonna be offered to install this plugin.

[MacOS] Paypal about to block Safari Users


According to a white paper by Paypal, Safari lacks certain specific anti-phishing protections and EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Paypal will in the first place just tell the users, that they are using those unsafe browsers. Later on Paypal will take steps to refuse access to Paypal at all, when users are still using those browsers. The main problem is, Safari is not safe from fishing attacks. According to MacNN Safari is the only browser to lag behind in comparison to other browsers like Firefox 2, Opera or Internet Explorer 7.

By the way: this article is written on the Mac version of Firefox