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[OSX86] Building a Hackintosh with ProQ’s AnyOS Motherboard

Prolegomena With all those different Apple Computers available like Mac Mini’s, Mac Book Air’s, Mac Pro’s, why the hell should we consider setting up a hackintosh these days, since a Mac Mini comes at a price tag of only 600€ here in Europe? Well the answer to this is quite simple. Hackintoshs aim at people […]

[MacOS] Save Energy by Using Deep Sleep aka Hibernation

Looking at the situation in Japan at these days, it seems overdue to begin worrying about all our energy consuming devices. As a MacOS user we are used to some quite convenient features. Like just clicking sleep and the system goes to sleep. What most of us don’t realize at this point is, that sleep […]

[MacOS] Psystar Release Rebel EFI

As of yesterday the notorious Mac Clone manufacturer Psystar has released a commercial software called Rebel EFI. Rebel EFI prepares a normal PC to allow for the installation of Mac OS. After downloading Rebel EFI, [..] users simply insert a retail copy of the Snow Leopard DVD, follow the installation procedures and then install the […]

[MacOS] Comprehensive Gigabyte Hardware Specification List

With the advent of Snow Leopard many users have issues installing it onto PC based hardware. Well this is not very curious, since a PC is no Mac. Anyway as Gigabyte motherboards proved to be very close to the original Apple Intel specifications many people decided to buy those boards. With the release of Snow […]

[MacOS] Is EFI-X illegally using 3rd Party Program Code?

About a year ago a company called ASEM released a device called EFI-X. This device has been claimed to be capable of booting several Microsoft Windows versions and Mac OS X Leopard. Legal concerns From the beginning there were question regarding the legal status of the device. But ASEM claimed the device is legal, although […]

[Windows] Safari available as recommended iTunes update

english Pay attention guys when updating iTunes on your Microsoft Windows machines. iTunes will list Safari as a recommended update to your iTunes installation, although you never installed Safari before – and of course: you’d better not install it, since Paypal is about to block it anyway. More details to be found on (german […]

[MacOS] Paypal about to block Safari Users

english According to a white paper by Paypal, Safari lacks certain specific anti-phishing protections and EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Paypal will in the first place just tell the users, that they are using those unsafe browsers. Later on Paypal will take steps to refuse access to Paypal at all, when users […]

[e-Biz] The never ending Psystar Story

As denoted yesterday, the Psystar topic seems to be a little fishy. First: obviously they use the EFI v8 emulation developed by Netkas. For comprehensible reasons Netkas is not amused about Psystar and decided to edit his EULA to bar commercial use of PC EFI – well… we don’t expect Psystar to respect Netkas’ EULA, […]

[MacOS] GeForce 8800 GT Update for old Mac Pro’s

english It took a really long time, but in the end Apple decided to offer at least something to their customers of the 2yrs old MacPro’s. Apple now offers a GeForce 8800 GT graphics board that is compatible to the old 32 bit EFI. The price in the Apple US webshop is US$279 (=€175). » […]

[e-Biz] Apple in weak Position for Cease and Desist against Psystar?

english Probably Apple is in a weaker position than all of us may have expected in the first place. That comment in the MacRumors forum and that article on explain, why. The biggest problem seems to be: Psystar does not break the law. They don’t sell pirated copies, but legally bought copies of OS […]