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[MacOS] Save Energy by Using Deep Sleep aka Hibernation

Looking at the situation in Japan at these days, it seems overdue to begin worrying about all our energy consuming devices.

As a MacOS user we are used to some quite convenient features. Like just clicking sleep and the system goes to sleep.

What most of us don’t realize at this point is, that sleep mode logically requires energy as it will immediately wake up when I hit the keyboard.

So for me this began causing me a bad conscious – until I found the way to hibernate MacOS also on desktops

How to Hibernate aka Deep Sleep

  1. Download Axonic Labs’ Deep Sleep Widget for Snow Leopard 10.6 here.
  2. Unpack by double clicking
  3. Install to
  4. open terminal and
  5. enter in terminal:
    sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3

Step 5. because Hibernation Safe Sleep is disabled by default on desktop systems like iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro’s.

By the way: first tests show that this Deep Sleep Widget is at least compatible to Chameleon EFI RC4 :-))

[MacOS] Enable and Disable Hibernation

OSX supports real hibernation not only that sleep mode that costs electricity. It really supports it. But you gotta enable or disable it manually. So what to do:

  • open terminal window (I assume you’re logged in with your normal user account)
  • to disable hibernation, and enable standard sleep
    enter this: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
  • to enable hibernation when closing the lid
    enter this: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1

Enjoy folks…