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[MacOS] Is EFI-X illegally using 3rd Party Program Code?

About a year ago a company called ASEM released a device called EFI-X. This device has been claimed to be capable of booting several Microsoft Windows versions and Mac OS X Leopard. Legal concerns From the beginning there were question regarding the legal status of the device. But ASEM claimed the device is legal, although […]

[MacOS] System Freeze with 10.5.7 and VMware Fusion

Abstract You are running the latest version of “VMware Fusion” (get trial version here) on an original Apple Mac or on a HackMac. During installation of Windows XP or Vista (32 bit) the system crashs with a kernel panic or a complete freeze. Workaround Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5.7 update causes some irritation to the […]

[MacOS] Yet another Still Waiting for Root Device

Long time no see to this old friend called “Still waiting for root device”. But with 10.5.7 the time had come again. As some of the tipps we compiled below helped us there is no warranty that it will help you. As the reasons for this funky brother are too indifferent. Used Hardware Gigabyte GA […]