[iPhone] Flash coming to iPhone / No Flash Player for Safari

Although Apple still does not allow plugins for their iPhone Safari browser, Adobe will bring Flash on the iPhone using a different strategy.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 will have an export for iPhone apps. Thus allowing games and application built using Flash being compiled natively for the iPhone and being distributed via AppStore.

Sadly Adrian Ludwig clearly says in the video

“On the iPhone we don’t have a browser plugin. Flash Player 10.1 isn’t available.”

This means in contrast to the Palm Pre, Apple’s iPhone will still not be able to run Flash based internet pages.

Video is courtesy of Golem.de News

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  1. Fotografi

    Last year I noticed from my Log Files that the 17% of my web contacts came from mobile devices and that the 90% of that were coming from Iphones. I also noticed that the 95% of my clients own an Iphone. I have two web sites ( http:// w w w .wedding-photographer.it/ and http:// w w w .fotografo-matrimonio.biz/ ) that drive me a lot of clients and so I decide to develop a non flash based section of the sites. While Apple and Adobe are arguing I have to find an alternative.

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