[iOS] Apps Crashing iOS 5.01


You’re running a jailbroken iOS 5.01 on an iPad 2 and you cannot use Firewall iP. Installing Firewall iP shows no indication of errors, but when you try to start it, it just splashes shortly and closes instantly. This behaviour is known to some more applications (like Safari or Mail).


It looks like incompatible iOS Apps are responsible for that behaviour. At the moment there seems to be no known approach to find out which app causes issues, but trial and error.

Step 1. Preparations

  • connect your iDevice to iTunes (cable preferred, WiFi may take forever)
  • login and authorize iTunes on this Mac/PC

Step 2. Transferring Apps and Purchases to your Mac/PC

  • on Windows: right mouse-click on your mounted iDevice (left navigation)
    on Mac: CMD + mouse-clickon your mounted iDevice (left navigation)
  • a context menu pops up
  • in that context menu, choose Transfer Purchases
  • depending on the amount and the size of the Apps, Books and Videos you have on your iDevice, this may take a while. Prolly time to get yourself a coffee ;-)

Step 3. Remove all Apps from your iDevice

  • now you have transferred all Apps to your iTunes account
  • in iTunes go to the Apps tab
  • unselect all Apps
  • keep Sync Apps selected (!!!)
  • hit Apply
  • now all your apps have been removed from your iDevice but are kept as backup in iTunes

Step 4. Trial and Error

  • so the last step is simple
  • you select a couple of Apps and hit Apply
    (we used to install 4 apps every round until we determined which App causes conflicts)
  • try to start Firewall iP,
    if it runs properly, install more apps…
    if it doesn’t work, splashes and crashes, remove the last couple of apps and install the one by one, until you found the devil-app.

Final words

In our case an App by a german logistics company named Hermes HD was causing issues.

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