[iOS] Finding Information About Crashed Apps

Crashes and system freezes have become an exception nowadays. However, they still do occur. Here we show you two ways of accessing detailed log information on your iOS devices.

1. Finding Logs inside of iOS

This approach does not require a jailbreak. Inside the filesystem you may find logs here:

  • Settings
    » General
    » About
    » Diagnostics and Usage
    » Diagnostics and Usage Data
    » LatestCrash.plist

To make things easy you can just select the whole text and copy it to an email. Et voilà: developers will love you for having helped them…

2. Locating Logs in the filesystem of iOS

Using iExplorer (available for Windows and Mac OS) you can easily access the directory structure of your jailbroken iOS device.

  • Download Macroplant’s iExplorer (formerly called “iPhone Explorer”)
  • Install iExplorer
  • Launch iExplorer
  • go here:
  • your iOS-device
    » Root directory
    » var
    » mobile
    » Library
    » Logs
    » Crash Reporter

Et voilà. All crash logs you ever desired to see ;-)

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