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[Android] First Google Android Cellphone: HTC G1 (update)

Today T-Mobile US, HTC and Google presented the first cellphone running with the Android operating system by Google. The HTC manufactured device will be called “G1 with Google” and will be available from october 22nd, 2008 for 180US$. The phone will be net-locked to the T-Mobile US network.

T-Mobile’s tariff

T-Mobile’s plan includes a data traffic up to 1GB with UMTS, after 1GB traffic will be slowed down to the GPRS level. The monthly plan including 400 SMS’ will cost 25US$/mth (with unlimited using of Messaging: 35US$)

The HTC G1 phone

The HTC G1 phone integrates a touch screen like the iPhone, a tiny keyboard that hides behind the screen if not required, a camera (3megapixel) and an extension slot for microSDHC cards (256MB card preinstalled).

Availability of the HTC G1

Introduction in Great Britan: early november.
Introduction in Germany: early december.
Rest of Europe: Q1/2009

MobileBurn.com prepped a video, see here: