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[e-Biz] Nokia strikes back

Nokia – the market leader in cell phone industry – is about to challenge Google. Wait a sec? Google? Yes, Google. The keyword is “mobile internet”. It is expected that in the near future more people will go online using their mobile devices than using a computer at home. Google therefore heavily pushes their cell phone operating system Android. With Google entering the cell phone market another new competitor emerges for Nokia. Last year it’s been the iPhone and now it is Google’s Android.

The only way out of this attack is to strike back. In mid 2007 Nokia announced to restructure Nokia into an internet company. Since then Nokia bought companies in the field of online advertisments, music downloads, games, digital mapping and eventually they presented Ovi (Ovi translates in english to “door”). Ovi is a portal that integrates all Nokia’s efforts to metamorphose.

But one problem still remained: the open source operating system Android. Nokia now announced to take over Symbian. Together with Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Vodafone, AT&T, NTT Docomo, ST Microsystems and Texas Instruments Nokia will set up a foundation to further improve Symbian OS – as license fee free open source operating system for mobile devices.

The german Handelsblatt today reports that the Symbian foundation in the meantime announced to release their open platform during the next two years. Well, two years is quite a long time for striking back forceful against Apple and Google…