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[Privacy] International VPN Provider Searched by Authorities in Germany

Perfect Privacy reports today, that a member of the staff of the well known international VPN provider Perfect Privacy has been police searched last friday (August 20th).

H-Security writes:

The search warrant was reportedly issued on suspicion that unknown perpetrators may have routed potentially criminal communications via the servers in the German city of Erfurt.

Perfect Privacy writes:

The servers have so far not been confiscated. We decided, however, to disable all services (OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, L2TP/IPSec VPN, SOCKS5, SQUID) in Erfurt temporarily in order to give those of our members, who have elevated security needs, time to read this announcement and to evaluate the risks. It is not known to us whether the authorities initiated measures such as telecommunication monitoring in Erfurt. (..)

It is not known (..) whether the authorities initiated measures such as telecommunication monitoring in Erfurt.

Users with security concerns better do not connect via Erfurt at the moment.

[MultiPlatform] TrueCrypt 6.1 Released

The open source encryption program TrueCrypt 6.1 has been released. It now features:

  • Encrypt a non-system partion without losing existing data (Windows)
  • Support for security tokens and smart cards
  • TrueCrypt bootloader can be configured to not show texts
  • Encrypted Windows system partitions can now be mounted by Linux or MacOS X

» Download TrueCrypt 6.1 here

[Windows] SRWare Iron updated

SRWare just updated their Iron browser, which is based on Google’s Chromium source code. It now contains improved support for website embedded videos and PDF documents and it blocks advertisements – so don’t use it when visiting our pages ;-)

» You may download SRWare Iron here

[Stories] List of Berlin Policemen’s fon numbers leaked

It seems like Germany is about to overlap our British fellows. The union of the Berlin Police (GdP) had to admit yesterday that a list of Policemen’s cell fon numbers has been leaked to the internet. Besides fon numbers of normal policemen the list also includes numbers of executives working in special task forces. It now is suspected criminals may use cell phone locating techniques to find out the where-abouts of specific executives. Policemen are prompted to change their number as soon as possible.

[Windows] Google Chrome without Spyware = Iron (update)

[Update] Feb 2nd, 2011

It seems Iron is no serious project and only follows the intention to allure people visiting the SRWare Iron website in order to make money from Google’s adsense.

More information to be found here:


What it is

The “Iron” browser is based on the “Google Chromium” source code, but “Iron” does not send any user specific data to Google anymore and it does not contain a unique user ID. Iron is a product of “SRWare” – a german software company. In Iron the following Google Chrome features have been deactivated:

  • no alternative error messages, when having entered a wrong URL
  • no sending of collected data to Google, if Iron has crashed
  • no unwanted Google updater

Iron is available for Microsoft Windows only. Download Iron here (german page!). Installing in CrossOver Mac sadly does not work out of the box…

[Update] Sep 26th, 2008 The language Thing

Although our screenshot shows Iron with german interface, it turns to english, when it’s gotten installed to an english Windows version.

[Update] Sep 27th, 2008 The Next Browser Wars (internal link)

You may find some background information about the Browser Wars in one of our recent articles here.

[MultiPlatform] Truecrypt 5.0 für Windows, Linux UND Mac OS X


Die auf offenen Quellen basierende Verschlüsselungssoftware Truecrypt ist mit kleiner Verspätung in Version 5.0 erschienen. Endlich kann man nun auch von Mac OS X Tiger oder Leopard auf seine Truecrypt Volumes zugreifen. Ganz paranoide Menschen können nun auch Systempartitionen (nur Windows) zur Bootzeit verschlüsseln. Vor dem Bootvorgang wird dann das Passwort verlangt. Ohne dieses Passwort lässt sich das Betriebssystem nicht starten oder entschlüsseln…

Alle neuen Features finden sich hier.
Zum Download geht es hier lang.