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[MacOS] Using CrossOver to run UltraEdit

I. Abstract

Many of us are nowadays using different operating systems almost at the same time. At work most of us use Windows machines, at home we use a Mac, coexisting with a Windows Laptop. Although we really like the Mac eco system, from time to time we find out we’re missing something from the Windows world very desperately. Many of us coders who recently switched to a Mac soon find out, we miss one thing for sure: UltraEdit. UltraEdit is one (if not even the) editor for the Windows environment. And once you get used to a workflow you will not want to miss it, no matter if you switched completely or not. This is were the emulators or the virtual machines come into play. As long term users of UltraEdit we’re gonna show you in the following article how to get UltraEdit (almost natively) installed on MacOS using the WINE based CrossOver by CodeWeavers. Enjoy…

II. What you need

  • Intel Mac (or a Hackintosh with EFI-X) running MacOS X 10.5 Leopard
  • CrossOver Mac 7.0.1 installed. Get a CrossOver trial version here (we recommend to get the “Professional Version” as it also includes CrossOver Games, but for running UltraEdit only, CrossOver Standard Version will be sufficient.)
  • UltraEdit 14.10 installer. Get an UltraEdit trial version here. In case the downloaded file is .zipped, please unpack before proceeding.

III. Prepping CrossOver

  1. Start CrossOver. The welcome screen will ask you what to do. Click the “CrossOver Software Installer” link:
  2. An Installer window will pop up. Choose “Install Unsupported Software“:
  3. Click “Continue” after having read this reminder:
  4. Choose to “Install into... New bottle” and click “Create Bottle and Continue“:
  5. Enter the “New bottle name:” (like UltraEdit, for example) and choose “New bottle type” as “winxp” (yes, means Windows XP compatibility mode). And hit the “Create” button:

    The bottle is being created then. This process may take some minutes on older machines.

IV. Installing UltraEdit

  1. After bottle creation, CrossOver like to install. So “Choose Installer File...” and click “Install“…
  2. Locate the installer file. It will be called something like “ue_english.msi“. Click “Use this installer“:
  3. CrossOver will prepare to install (no interaction of yours required here!)
  4. Et voilà, the well known Windows installer will be loaded. Click “Next
  5. We expect, you know how to install Windows software, so we’re not gonna comment the following screenies:

  6. We did not install UltraCompare, but you may give it a try…
  7. Uncheck the “Lauch UltraEdit” box and click “Finish“.

V. Final preparations

  1. After installation, Crossover will do a virtual reboot of its Windows XP bottle, where you installed UltraEdit into (no interaction of yours required here!)
  2. After virtual reboot, it will create the program links. You may now double click the “UltraEdit” program link to start it.
  3. Feeling home already?
  4. Don’t hesitate to type some lines

  5. Yes, you’re done…

VI. Final words

We hope you had some fun, following this tiny HowTo to get UltraEdit back to our new environment. Although the FTP feature did not work for us, as it crashs UltraEdit, by being able to run UltraEdit we can use our trained workflow for coding and editing. Anyway there are native editing solutions on a Mac, which we will have a closer view on within next time.

[Windows] Google Chrome without Spyware = Iron (update)

[Update] Feb 2nd, 2011

It seems Iron is no serious project and only follows the intention to allure people visiting the SRWare Iron website in order to make money from Google’s adsense.

More information to be found here:


What it is

The “Iron” browser is based on the “Google Chromium” source code, but “Iron” does not send any user specific data to Google anymore and it does not contain a unique user ID. Iron is a product of “SRWare” – a german software company. In Iron the following Google Chrome features have been deactivated:

  • no alternative error messages, when having entered a wrong URL
  • no sending of collected data to Google, if Iron has crashed
  • no unwanted Google updater

Iron is available for Microsoft Windows only. Download Iron here (german page!). Installing in CrossOver Mac sadly does not work out of the box…

[Update] Sep 26th, 2008 The language Thing

Although our screenshot shows Iron with german interface, it turns to english, when it’s gotten installed to an english Windows version.

[Update] Sep 27th, 2008 The Next Browser Wars (internal link)

You may find some background information about the Browser Wars in one of our recent articles here.