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[MultiPlatform] TrueCrypt 6.1 Released

The open source encryption program TrueCrypt 6.1 has been released. It now features:

  • Encrypt a non-system partion without losing existing data (Windows)
  • Support for security tokens and smart cards
  • TrueCrypt bootloader can be configured to not show texts
  • Encrypted Windows system partitions can now be mounted by Linux or MacOS X

» Download TrueCrypt 6.1 here

[MultiPlatform] TrueCrypt 6.0 released

TrueCrypt is the leading open-source software to encrypt drive volumes. It supports Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. Version 5.1 has been released just 3.5 months ago in march. Now the Truecrypt team has released version 6.0 with the following features:

  • Parallelized encryption/decryption on multi-core/multi-cpu systems – thus demanding less time for the en- and decryption operations
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008: run encrypted operating systems from hidden volumes (!)
  • Windows Vista, 2008: encrypt whole drives (incl. extended/logical partitions)
  • MacOS X: Create hidden volumes

Anyway: Permanent decryption has been removed from TrueCrypt’s bootloader, in order to support hidden operating system volumes. Permanent decryption now has to be done using the boot disk.

Enjoy a major step in to more privacy and download TrueCrypt 6.0 here.

[MultiPlatform] TrueCrypt 5.1 Update


Only four weeks after the initial 5.0 release the TrueCrypt Team released version 5.1 of their encryption package. New and fixed features as follows:

  • Hybernation on encrypted system bootpartitions :-) Yeah!!!!
  • Mount encrypted system bootpartions from outside
  • Increased speed on AES volumes by 30%-90%
  • TrueCrypt bootloader is now compressed and is therefore smaller than before (27KB instead of 42KB)

Download here


Nach gerade mal vier Wochen hat das TrueCrypt Team das Update auf Version 5.1 veröffentlicht. Die wesentlichen Neuerung (und Bugfixes):

  • Hybernation funktioniert auch mit verschlüsselten Systempartitionen
  • Verschlüsselte Systempartitionen sind nun von außen mountbar (z.B. um Reparaturmaßnahmen durchzuführen)
  • Zugriffe auf AES verschlüsselte Partitionen sind um 30%-90% schneller
  • Der TrueCrypt Bootloader ist nun komprimiert und verbraucht nur noch 27KB statt 24

Zum Download hierlang