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[Apple] Facebook Blocks Apple’s Ping

According to AllThingsDigital Facebook blocked Apple from using the Facebook API to access user data. Using Facebook’s API is normally free, but not for large scale access and not if it’s getting used a lot. iTunes got a user base of 160million, so that would be quiet a lot. Kara Swisher writes: Sources said Apple […]

[Muzaq] Incomplete-MP3 Store Alpha

The Situation As an addition to our periodical music reviews we now offer to get those tracks legally as mp3 downloads from our own site here. We don’t expect big sales here. We see this as another experiment in our large field of experiments. As this is all about gathering experiences, we currently offer this […]

[e-Biz] Apple Stock Going Down 17% on Nasdaq

Morgan Stanley and the Royal Bank of Canada yesterday downgraded Apple’s share from “overweight” to “equal-weight”, cutting down the price target from $178 to $115. They don’t expect Apple to sell as much Macs within the next three months like in the 2.5 years before. After this information the Apple share went down from 128.24US$ […]