[iPhone] Recommended Apps: PaklSound1

People in the know what’s going on in the field of music innovations have already gotten to know Tenori-On by Yamaha. Tenori-On is by far the most innovative new music instruments (read article here).

Anyway a group of programmers now decided to bring at least parts of the fun that Tenori-On includes to our beloved Jesus phone. The application is called PaklSound1 and is pure fun when sitting in the train or anywhere else. Be warned it is by far not as powerful as Tenori-On and requires lots of battery power, but therefore it costs only 0.79€ (0.99US$).

» Buy and Download PaklSound1 on AppStore
» More information on the PaklSound1 page

On YouTube a guy has prepared this nice video, enjoy:

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  1. bob

    KeCWTt hi nice site thanx h++p://p***e.com

    You’re welcome. And you’re welcome to consider our sponsors everytime you’re around here ;-)

    Anyway we don’t really appreciate attempts of viral something without asking us :-( drop us a line if you got further questions.

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