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[Namm2014] Bitwig Studio in Depth

via musicradar…

[Namm2014] Roland to Reissue an updated Version of TR-808?

There are rumors, that Roland might be working on updated re-issues of their all-time-favs TB-303 Bass Synthesizer and TR-808 Drum-Machine. The updated version of the TR-808 is currently going under the name AIRA TR-08. You may subscribe to their AIRA newsletter on their website.     The picture is courtesy Attackmagazine.You may head over to […]

[News] Beer and Civilization

Although that article is not new, in fact is from march 2013, it still is very interesting. It deals with the question if grain originally was grown and stored for making bread or beer at first. And evidences seem to tend into the beer direction more and more… Current theory has it that grain was […]

[misc] Das Riester-Dilemma – Die Riester-Lüge? ARD Reportage vom 09.01.2012

Die Reportage “Das Riester-Dilemma” ist nun sowohl in der ARD-Mediathek auch auf Youtube (s.u.) verfügbar. Für alle, die schon lange wissen wollten, ob sich die Riester-Rente wirklich lohnt, ist dies wohl einer der wenigen Beiträge, die sich auch der Entstehung des Riester-Rentengesetzes kritisch rekonstruktiv nähern. So kommt auch die Lobbyismus-Expertin Dr. Diana Wehlau zu Wort, […]

[Media] Newspaper Articles About Copying And File Sharing

Abstract According to the RIAA the media industry is suffering heavy losses due to increased copying and file sharing in the last 10 years. Sanity and reason shows there must be something true with that argument. But are the numbers the media companies are providing correct? What can we learn from history? The following links […]

[Stories] Lovelock’s Gaia Theory Explained by Himself…

Following an approach of explaining biological processes on earth the Gaia theory says (the surface) of planet earth including its biosphere can be viewed as a single living organism that every life form is a part of. Sounds familiar? Yes, I bet you’ve watched Avatar in cinema. The Gaia theory has been developed by biologists […]

[Pre] Palm Pre’s Slider Oreo Issues

Forum reports seem to be growing about this issue. A certain amount of first generation Palm Pre’s being sold all over the world seem to have slider issues. “It just wobbles too much, thus making it feel like a 500€ plastic toy.”, said a customer in a local O2 store. Our testing device received from  […]

[News] Copenhagen: The Fight Continues

More than 14 million people from around the world already joined AVAAZ.ORG. It is by far the largest ever online petition in the history on mankind. From their about us page: is a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world […]

[misc] Incomplete List of Proverbs Equal in German and English

Reading english proverbs in english articles that are equal to german proverbs always makes me ask if the article has been written by a german trying to write english (much like I do ;-). So I found some proverbs that I just wanted to archive for later reference. If you know some more, let me […]

[iPhone] iBluetooth available

Eventually a Bluetooth application has become available for the iPhone. As this is not approved by Apple it can be downloaded only via Cydia on jailbroken iPhones. iBluetooth costs 4US$ and can be downloaded from the iSpazio repository. The purpose of the shareware fee is buying a complete Bluetooth stack to make it available to […]