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[Muzaq] RME Presents PCIe Audiocard With 390 Channels

Just in time for the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (March 21st – 24th, 2012), the german audio company RME just presented a new possibly record breaking digital audio card. According to Digital Audionetworx and Synthax Store (both german only) the “HDSPe MADI FX” will feature:

  • a max of 194 input- and 196 output channels
  • 192 channels at 48kHz / 24bit rec/playback
  • 96 channels at 96kHz / 24bit rec/playback
  • 48 channels at 192kHz / 24bit rec/playback
  • 2 x MADI I/O optical
  • 1 x MADI I/O coaxial
  • 1 x AES/EBU I/O
  • 1 x Wordclock I/O
  • 1 x MIDI I/O via DIN plug
  • 3 x MIDI I/O via MADI
  • 1 x Stereo Analogue Output
  • PCIe slots, but two slotpositions on motherboard
  • a minimum of 32 samples latency
  • via internal DSP TotalMix FX allows EQs, Compressors, Reverbs and Echo on every channel

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[Muzaq] In Memoriam Alberto Adriano

Ten years ago, on June 14th, 2000 Alberto Adriano died from an attack of rightist extremists in the german city Dessau. Adriano was originally a contract worker from Mozambique who came to the German Democratic Republic in 1980. At the time of his death he had three children in the age between 5 months and 8 years.

The three rightist extremists told the police they did it because they hated foreigners. According to a BBC article Adriano’s wife said “They stamped on his head so hard they knocked out an eye.”

For the first time in german history a Chancellor chose to pay his respects immediately. Mr Schröder went to the simple shrine which then marked the murder scene. He approached slowly and sober, before placing the wreath.

The three rightist extremists were convicted of beating Adriano to death and were handed down tough prison sentences. The oldest man at that time was 24. He was sentenced to the maximum of life in prison. The two 16 year olds were given 9 years each, so they would have been released at latest in 2009.

The afro-german music combo Brothers Keepers recorded a title called “Adriano” afterwards.

» Wikipedia.de: Alberto Adriano (Google translated)…
» BBC News: Race hate in Germany
» Encyclopedia.com: Three Neo-Nazis Convicted In Brutal Killing Of African Immigrant
» Wikipedia.org: Brothers Keepers

[iPhone] T-Mobile Tariffs in Europe Differ Extremely

You ever felt like citizens of T-Mobile’s home country Germany pay a lot more for iPhone tariffs than citizens in countries you spend your vacation time like Netherlands or Austria?

Well, your feeling was right. T-Mobile is flagrant expensive here in Germany. Why? We don’t know. But we know Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) earned €5,5bill in Q3/2009.

Anyway, we prepped a little table with a little comprehension. Let the pictures speak. Prices for 24mth. subscriptions.

Country mins SMS Traffic Price per mth.
Netherlands 150 150 unlimited 30€
Austria 2000 1000 3GB 25€* (50€)
Germany 120 40 5GB 50€

* Special X-mas offer (for the whole 24mths.), otherwise 50€/mth.


» T-Mobile Netherlands
» T-Mobile Austria
» T-Mobile Germany


T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Germany

[News] The Berlin Wall: Retrospect 20 Years Ago

Today 20 years ago, the last hours of the Berlin Wall are precisely known. At 6.53 p.m. Günter Schabowski, a spokesman of the eastern german Politbüro was asked when new regulations for the private travel of eastern German citizens will take effect. As he was not fully updated that these new regulations were due to November 10th, 1989 he just answered

As far as I know effective immediately, without delay.
(german: “Das tritt nach meiner Kenntnis […] ist das sofort, unverzüglich.“)

That answer was like a big bang for the citizens of eastern Berlin. Thousands went to the Bornholmer Straße demanding to open the wall immediately. At 10.30 p.m. the eastern german border patrol man Harald Jäger surrendered and opened the Berlin Wall on the Bornholmer Straße with the last words

We’re flooding now.
(german: “Wir fluten jetzt”)

Now 20 years later, not many relicts from that time have remained. Today at 7 p.m. a thousand dominos as a symbol for the former Berlin Wall are gonna be knocked over in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

To get a better insight how the world looked liked in the 1980s here in Berlin, the Deutsche Welle made an amazing documentary about how the inner German Wall was secured.

» Wikipedia: History of the Berlin Wall
» Spiegel.de: 20 Years on – Berlin Celebrates the Day the Wall fell
» Flash Mob: Recreating the Berlin Wall with 33,000 people…

[misc] Incomplete List of Proverbs Equal in German and English

Reading english proverbs in english articles that are equal to german proverbs always makes me ask if the article has been written by a german trying to write english (much like I do ;-).

So I found some proverbs that I just wanted to archive for later reference. If you know some more, let me know in the comments…

  • Let the cat out of the Bag
    Die Katze aus dem Sack lassen
  • The apple does not fall far from the tree
    Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm
  • Give up the ghost
    Den Geist aufgeben
  • All beginnings are difficult
    Aller Anfang ist schwer
  • To paint a black picture of something
    Etwas schwarz malen
  • Everything has an end, only sausage has two
    Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei
  • Hard work never hurt anyone
    Arbeiten hat noch keinem geschadet
  • Barking dogs don’t bite
    Hunde, die bellen, beißen nicht
  • Go through thick and thin
    Durch dick und dünn gehen
  • Tribute to whom tribute is due
    Ehre dem, dem Ehre gebührt
  • Don’t look a gift horse into the mouth
    Einem geschenkten Gaul, schaut man nicht ins Maul
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day
    Rom wurde nicht an einem Tag erbaut
  • All is well, that ends well.
    Ende gut, alles gut
  • All that glitters is not gold
    Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt
  • To see light at the end of the tunnel
    Licht am Ende des Tunnels sehen
  • To go to the dogs
    Vor die Hunde gehen
  • Guard your tongue
    Hüte Deine Zunge
  • That is just splitting hairs
    Das ist Haarspalterei
  • To cast pearls before swine
    Perlen vor die Säue werfen
  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
    Was Du heute kannst besorgen, verschiebe nicht auf morgen
  • He who laughs last, laughs best
    Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am Besten

[DVB] Premiere/Sky Nagravision or NDS Videoguard Hack?

What happened so far?

The forums and news sites are again full of coverage about a hack of the german Pay-TV channel Premiere (forthcoming name: Sky Germany). As we already stated in april, 2009 this is a hoax. There are no evidences or proofs whatsoever. Anyway you’d better read on, why we believe searching for a hack is useless.

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