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[News] Copenhagen: The Fight Continues

More than 14 million people from around the world already joined AVAAZ.ORG. It is by far the largest ever online petition in the history on mankind.

From their about us page:

Avaaz.org is a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.

Across the world, most people want stronger protections for the environment, greater respect for human rights, and concerted efforts to end poverty, corruption and war. Yet globalization faces a huge democratic deficit as international decisions are shaped by political elites and unaccountable corporations — not the views and values of the world’s people.

Join AVAAZ.ORG now, by going to http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_copenhagen/

[e-Biz] The End of the German Netzeitung

A couple of days before their 10th anniversary, one of the first german online only newspapers Netzeitung will be shut down. 12 Employees are gonna be resigned from the Netzeitung effective December 31, 2009.

In a press statement the parent company DuMont say because of economical reasons the concept of an online newspaper is gonna be abandoned in favour of an automized newsportal.

“Aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen wird das bisherige Konzept einer Internetzeitung mit eigener Redaktion zum 31. Dezember 2009 aufgegeben. Aus diesem Grund wird sämtlichen Mitarbeitern in Kürze betriebsbedingt gekündigt werden. Bestehende vertragliche Verpflichtungen der Internetzeitung werden noch im 1. Quartal 2010 erfüllt. Es wird geplant, zukünftig die Netzeitung als automatisiertes Nachrichtenportal zu nutzen. Die NZ-Teletextaktivitäten sind davon unberührt und sollen in Zukunft eine stärkere Rolle in der Gruppe spielen.”

» Press Statement of the Netzeitung (german)…
» Spiegel.de: DuMont Verlag stellt “Netzeitung” ein (german)…

[Muzaq] imeem Social Media Service

Say, do you wanna listen to musiq for free? Surely, everybody does. But in contrast to downloading albums illegally from Rapidshare, with “LastFM” and “imeem” it is legal to listen to music online. In general both services offer quite the same.

What is “imeem”?

The one little difference is that LastFM is now beginning to charge its users for allowing them to stream music to their clients. Only users from the U.S., U.K. and Germany seem to be excluded from this new business model. imeem in contrast to LastFM is still free. Anyway for playing songs at the full length on imeem a free registration is required. Luckily the registration process at imeem really takes some seconds and only requires your surename, forename, email-address, password and birthdate. Without registration only 30 seconds of the songs are being played (see our precompiled playlist at the bottom of this article). Some background information about imeem can be found here.

Listen to imeem playlists on the road

There is also an iPhone and an Android application available to use imeem’s services from our Jesus phones. Get imeem’s iPhone app for free on the AppStore. Information about the Android application can be found here.

Demonstration Playlist from imeem

If you wanna listen to songs from this playlist at full length just register and click here to get my playlist.

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[MultiPlatform] Microsoft Live Mesh Beta now online

Live Mesh is part of Microsoft’s new online activities. In contrast to Apple’s MobleMe it concentrates on syncing files and folders from different PCs and Macs. It currently does not include syncing of addressbook entries, calendars or mails. Anyway Live Mesh is free.

Microsoft offers 5GB harddisk space that can be accessed using their Live Mesh client software (available for Windows and Mac) or thru their website.

[Microsoft] Next Office Runs In Your Webbrowser

It’s been rumored quite some time, but now it is public. Microsoft’s next Office components (Word, Excel, PowerPoint und OneNote) will be controllable, accessable and editable using your favourite browser.  It will be compatible to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Microsoft puts much efford in getting their applications compatible to the internet user of nowadays who wishs to have access to his data no matter where he is right now. The Office applications will be also available on Microsoft’s Live Services and for companies subscription or volume license based.

In the video Chris Bryant – Microsoft Office Product Manager – demonstrates the abilities and compatibilities with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

The video is courtesy of our fellow german Golem.de: