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[Muzaq] 10 Years Anniversary Edition of Moog Voyager To Be Released

Moog is celebrating their 10 years anniversary of the outstanding Moog Voyager. The hand-crafted anniversary edition will feature 24 karats gold-dipped chassis. Moog will create only 31 of these unique devices. 30 of these will be sold at a price of US$15,000 (!!!) and there are rumors that the last one might be a prize […]

[e-Biz] The End of the German Netzeitung

A couple of days before their 10th anniversary, one of the first german online only newspapers Netzeitung will be shut down. 12 Employees are gonna be resigned from the Netzeitung effective December 31, 2009. In a press statement the parent company DuMont say because of economical reasons the concept of an online newspaper is gonna […]