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[Muzaq] Selected Black Friday / Thankgiving Offers

For all us europeans this is quite unknown, but this weekend all over the U.S. stores offer special rebates. Among theses stores there are also music companies. We found some of them:

  • Waves: 40%-80% off. Check their offers here
  • Native Instruments: 50% off. Check their offers here
  • FX-Expansion: up to 60% off. Check their offers here
  • Moog: 10% off. Check what they got here
  • Sonnox: 50% off. Check’em here



[Muzaq] 10 Years Anniversary Edition of Moog Voyager To Be Released

Moog is celebrating their 10 years anniversary of the outstanding Moog Voyager. The hand-crafted anniversary edition will feature 24 karats gold-dipped chassis.

Moog will create only 31 of these unique devices. 30 of these will be sold at a price of US$15,000 (!!!) and there are rumors that the last one might be a prize for a competition.

We really wonder who might need a 24 karats gold Moog, but hey: you’ll be putting on the uber-dog by carrying one of these on your Live-Act ;-)

More details to be found on Moog’s site

Minimoog 10 Years Anniversary Video

Minimoog 10 Years Anniversary Pictures






[iOS5] Workaround for iPad and iPhone w/ iOS5 running Animoog


You absolutely like Moog’s latest iOS application named Animoog and wanna control it from your Mac but it doesn’t work and you are running iOS 5 or iOS 5.01. So at the moment it seems there is an issue in Animoog related to a modification in Apple’s CoreMidi stack. On iOS 4.3.x devices the CoreMidi connection worked.


I. On your iOS device do the following:

  1. I assume you already installed AniMoog, didn’t you?
  2. Please shutdown the AniMoog app, in case it is running. Don’t just put it into the multitasking background (or just reboot the iPad or the iPhone)
  3. then open the AppStore
  4. download Pad MIDI
  5. run Pad MIDI
  6. put Pad MIDI into the multitasking background
  7. start Animoog

II. On your Mac/HackMac/iMac/MacPro/whatever do the following:

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