[iOS5] Workaround for iPad and iPhone w/ iOS5 running Animoog


You absolutely like Moog’s latest iOS application named Animoog and wanna control it from your Mac but it doesn’t work and you are running iOS 5 or iOS 5.01. So at the moment it seems there is an issue in Animoog related to a modification in Apple’s CoreMidi stack. On iOS 4.3.x devices the CoreMidi connection worked.


I. On your iOS device do the following:

  1. I assume you already installed AniMoog, didn’t you?
  2. Please shutdown the AniMoog app, in case it is running. Don’t just put it into the multitasking background (or just reboot the iPad or the iPhone)
  3. then open the AppStore
  4. download Pad MIDI
  5. run Pad MIDI
  6. put Pad MIDI into the multitasking background
  7. start Animoog

II. On your Mac/HackMac/iMac/MacPro/whatever do the following:

  1. initiate Spotlight (click SPACE and CMD together)
  2. enter Audio Midi Setup
  3. run Audio Midi Setup

III. In Audio Midi Setup:

  1. go to Window -> Midi Studio
  2. click the big Network button in the middle
  3. activate Session 1
  4. Click the Plus sign (+) below the Directory and enter your iOS device's IP address (port is 5004)
  5. activate your iOS device (here it is “iPad”)
  6. Under Who may connect to me: choose Anyone
  7. go to Session and click Enabled

Cross your fingers and pray… If you put everything in order, you now have a midi connected Animoog.

6 thoughts on “[iOS5] Workaround for iPad and iPhone w/ iOS5 running Animoog

  1. Rich

    What if I want to control it from the iPad itself? Should any Core MIDI app work? iPad 1 or 2 any difference?

  2. J. Epstein Post author

    Give it a try. We didn’t try that yet. We rather wanted to integrate the iPad into our current recording environment…

  3. Kibri

    Thx mate!
    I’ve used midi monitor instead (more functionalities and free as well)

    I read the connection with AniMoog works only with midi Channel 1 and in the window audio midi set up it’s important to choose the midi device your using to send the data to your IPhone.

    I’ll now try to figure out what knobs work with what CC data.

  4. P.Simms.

    Thank you for this advice. I’ve been trying for days to connect my iTouch to Ableton running on my Macbook but to no avail. It now works perfectly and with no lagging. You are a star.

  5. B. Selk

    I have a Akai Syncstation25 with my iPhone.
    I have Midi Bridge installed.
    I have Animoog installed also.

    Do you know to setup Animoog yith Syncstation25 keyboard?

    I need step by step instructions aincew I’m new to this midi stuff.


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