[News] Beer and Civilization

Although that article is not new, in fact is from march 2013, it still is very interesting. It deals with the question if grain originally was grown and stored for making bread or beer at first. And evidences seem to tend into the beer direction more and more…

Current theory has it that grain was first domesticated for food. But since the 1950s, many scholars have found circumstantial evidence that supports the idea that some early humans grew and stored grain for beer, even before they cultivated it for bread.

Brian Hayden and colleagues at Simon Fraser University in Canada provide new support for this theory in an article published this month (and online last year) in the Journal of Archeological Method and Theory. Examining potential beer-brewing tools in archaeological remains from the Natufian culture in the Eastern Mediterranean, the team concludes that “brewing of beer was an important aspect of feasting and society in the Late Epipaleolithic” era.

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Original article has been published here at Springer.

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