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[iPhone] Experienced Issues with Firmware 2.0

After some days of using a pwned iPhone 2G with firmware 2.0, we found some issues. As of now, we don’t know where they come from. But we definitly know: we don’t like them. WiFi doesn’t stay connected, it falls “asleep” and takes time to reconnect the more apps have been used, the longer it […]

[iPhone] xPwn 0.3 Released

The restless working iPhone Dev Team has just released the source-code of their commandline tool collection xPwn. Although the tool collection allows to jailbreak (iPhone 2G and 3G) and unlock (iPhone 2G only), it targets mainly at developers. Get the source-code for Linux, MacOS X and Windows and here. Planetbeing of the iPhone Dev Team […]

[iPhone] iPhone 3G Baseband Bootloader 5.8 Dumped

Ta_Mobile of the Vietnamese hardware division GSMVN succeeded in dumping the baseband bootloader 5.8 of an iPhone 3G. Ta_Mobile has also dumped bootloader 4.6. Reverse engineering of the 3G bootloader will now begin to find possible exploits. Don’t expect anything soon, but this is great news anyway. Congrats to Vietnam. Standing work, guys…

[iPhone] Geohot releases iRan

iRan is a tool that makes use of Geohot’s findings dated last year about the iBoot. He found out that in DFU mode it offers a full interactive shell. But it took almost a year to allow execution of non-signed code. The iPhone Dev Team now used this in their Pwnage Tool 2.0 for expanding […]

[e-Biz] Open Tech: The Next Mac Clone Manufacturer

Open Tech inc. – a previously unknown company is in the starting blocks to provide Intel based computers that are able to run MacOS X. We hackintoshed seniors may be irritated by such an announcement since almost any Intel based computer is able to run MacOS X, nowadays. In contrast to Psystar, who is currently […]

[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows 2.0 (WinPwn) waits in its wings

CMW – the developer of the Microsoft Windows version of Pwnage tool announced that WinPwn is about to be released. On he writes: “Expect a release within the next few days!”. That sounds like a release on the weekend. Windows users help is on its way. In the meantime scroll the Apple pages and […]

[iPhone] HowTo Activate and Unlock your iPhone using Pwnage 2.0

Article is outdated. Find newest Jailbreak and Unlock HowTo for iPhone Firmware 3.0 here. Note We need to stress: respect the laws of the country you live in. For instance as german citizen with a T-Mobile Germany plan and iPhone you are not allowed to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone. T-Mobile is not kidding in […]

[iPhone] Pwnage Tool 2.0 released

Eventually the iPhone Dev Team released their long awaited Pwnage Tool 2.0 for Mac. You can download here and here. As expected it supports jailbreaking and unlocking of “old” iPhones and jailbreaking of 3G iPhones and iPod Touch. It’s been reported there are issues with installing the Note that this is only the Apple […]

[iPhone] iPhone 3G unlocked using Bladox Turbo SIM

[Update] Aug/25th/2008: read here, everything you gotta know about Proxy SIM solutions. The Bladox Team has released an application for their Turbo SIM (see here how proxy SIMs work) that is obviously able to bypass the SIM lock of 3G iPhones – means unlocking it. The application is still beta and might not work on […]

[iPhone] iPhone 3G sold out in Switzerland

Switzerland a beautiful country and a wonderful place to buy 3G iPhones. The Swiss carrier Swisscom offers the iPhone 3G with a prepaid SIM card. Forum reports confirm that foreigners can buy these aswell. Only two problems remain: first the Swisscom iPhone is completely sold out on Switzerland and second it is SIM locked to […]