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[iPhone] Jailbird for Windows to Replace WinPwn

There seems to be a new kid on the block called Jailbird. Jailbird is an independent implementation of exploits the iPhone Dev Team found in order to

  • activate,
  • jailbreak and
  • sim-unlock
  • all firmware revisions 2.x

As WinPwn has not been updated for a while this is amazing news for the Windows users among us.

See Jailbird’s Website for further information…

[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows 2.0 (WinPwn) waits in its wings

CMW – the developer of the Microsoft Windows version of Pwnage tool announced that WinPwn is about to be released. On http://www.winpwn.com he writes: “Expect a release within the next few days!”.

That sounds like a release on the weekend. Windows users help is on its way. In the meantime scroll the Apple pages and consider buying a Mac :-)