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[iPhone] Jailbird for Windows to Replace WinPwn

There seems to be a new kid on the block called Jailbird. Jailbird is an independent implementation of exploits the iPhone Dev Team found in order to

  • activate,
  • jailbreak and
  • sim-unlock
  • all firmware revisions 2.x

As WinPwn has not been updated for a while this is amazing news for the Windows users among us.

See Jailbird’s Website for further information…

[iPhone] HowTo Activate and Unlock using QuickPwn 2.1

I. Abstract

This is a short HowTo since all of you by now know how to use QuickPwn, don’t you? in short: QuickPwn is an Après-Tool. Means: you let iTunes 8 do the update process and use QuickPwn afterwards to “open” your device. Note:

  • 2G iPhones can be jailbroken and unlocked
  • 3G iPhones can be jailbroken, but not unlocked
  • iPod Touch 1st generation can be jailbroken
  • iPod Touch 2nd generation can not be jailbroken

Our article will not cover the iPod Touch, but the iPhone.

II. Requirements

III. Warning

Jailbreaking and unlocking is illegal to be performed with iPhone devices that are part of a current agreement (mostly 12 or 24 months). You would violate your contract by jailbreaking and unlocking! Don’t do it.

  • If you’re updating: all your Cydia and Installer.app based applications will be lost and need to be installed again!
  • Make sure you make a backup of your data!

IV. Update iPhone firmware

  • connect your iPhone with your PC
  • start iTunes 8
  • choose your iPhone (under devices)
  • hold the shift-key (on your keyboard) and do a mouse-click on the Update Button – a file-open window will pop up like this:
  • locate the downloaded firmware 2.1 (named: iPhone1,1_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw) and open it
  • iTunes will begin to update your iPhone automatically

  • After having updated the iPhone will reboot. If you are using an already Pwned iPhone it will remain activated and unlocked, you only need to jailbreak.

IV. QuickPwning it :-)

  • Let your iPhone plugged to your computer
  • Close iTunes
  • Start QuickPwn 2.1-1
  • You will be greeted with the Device Detection screen, click the right-arrow to proceed:
  • on the next window, click the Browse button to locate your iPhone1,1_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw firmware:

  • QuickPwn will check if the firmware matches the version currently running on your iPhone and will allow you to proceed (click the right-arrow):
  • the next windows allows you to select, what you want to install. We recommend to install both Cydia and Installer.app. If your iPhone has not been unlocked until now, here you can also choose to simunlock it. As we are quite conservative: we never change the boot logos, but this seems to be a matter of taste. After having selected, click the right-arrow button to proceed.
  • For safety reasons, QuickPwn will remind you to leave your iPhone plugged to your computer, click the right-arrow button to proceed
  • Read and follow the instruction on this window very carefully! QuickPwn will help you counting!
  • After that, QuickPwn will take control and perform the following actions automatically:

  • When all the tasks have been completed, QuickPwn has finished.
  • Your iPhone will perform some more actions for the next few minutes. It will show it is changing the NOR and so on and will reboot then.

After having rebooted your iPhone will be perfectly jailbroken and unlocked

V. Final words

Guys, we hope we could clarify some more things here than others did. We appreciate your comments on this. Kudos to all of you and remember to consider our sponsors, they really got the coolest offers ;-) Kudos fly out to the iPhone Dev Team! Live long and prosper, guys.

[iPhone] Firmware 2.1 Released

Apple made their promises come true. Firmware 2.1 is out now. If you are using a pwned iPhone – don’t update now, as it is unclear at the moment, if the iPhone remains unlocked. According to Apple firmware 2.1 should:

  • Decrease dropped calls
  • improve battery life
  • reduce backup time
  • improve email reliability (POP and Exchange)
  • allow faster installation of 3rd party apps
  • reduce hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications (we don’t know either what exactly does “lots” mean?)
  • improve performance in text messaging
  • allow faster loading and searching of contacts
  • improve accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
  • and some more…

Rumors say updating the iPhone to 2.1 and using QuickPwn with firmware 2.0.2 in order to jailbreak should work. We can’t confirm this and moreover: we definitely recommend not to try this. iPod Touch may want to visit QuickPwn to find further instructions for dealing with 2.1.

As conservative users: wait a couple of days. The iPhone Dev Team is most likely on their marks…

[iPhone] iTunes 8 detects Pwned iPhone Firmware


Firmware 2.1 will be released today. As of now, it cannot be pwned – no matter if you are running QuickPwn or PwnageTool. We recommend not to update until further notice.

Current Status

The iPhone Dev Team reports iTunes tries to countermeasure the exploits the well known Pwnage Tool is using. After having compiled a custom firmware with Pwnage Tool or WinPwn, you need to install it using iTunes. Now, iTunes in version 8.0 refuses to install custom firmware, thus combatting Pwnage’s way into the iPhone or the iPod Touch. The iPhone Dev Team released the photo below indicating the error message from iTunes 8, when trying to install a custom firmware to a (not yet) pwned iPod Touch. As of now, it is unknown if iTunes can also detect an already installed custom firmware. Thus allowing original unmodded updates to install. This would also allow the use QuickPwn. iTunes seems not to be able to detect already pwned iPhones. Forum reports say, iTunes 8 still can install custom firmware to an already pwned iPhone. For those guys of you who are running a device fresh from the factory (means not pwned), use QuickPwn as a workaround for now.

Interim solution to pwn a new device:

  1. Use QuickPwn to jailbreak and then Pwn/unlock your device
  2. if you like you can then use Pwnage Tool to create a recovery custom firmware (imho: you don’t need it, after having QuickPwned your devices

Next Steps

Anyway the Dev Team reports, they are working on a way to trick iTunes, thus forcing iTunes to install custom firmwares even on not pwned devices. The iPhone Dev Team is currently prepping a whole lot of patches for iTunes 8, no matter if you are on Windows or on Mac. Patches will be released during the next week.

» Read the iPhone Dev Team’s article here

[iPhone] QuickPwn 1.0 for MacOS X released

Our fellow iPhone Dev Team yesterday finally released QuickPwn for MacOS X. Sadly the Dev Team in the first place only provided a .torrent link (get torrent here) for distribution. We will come up with further details soon. For now: there are no reports about bugs about this version for Mac ,yet. Use “Archive Utility” to unpack, otherwise permission may be screwed up. Thumbs up for the Dev Team.

SHA1 sum: QuickPwn_1.0.0.tbz (via torrent) = 22ee0d6814a6bac9b1b9a8c7715dd714bd6bb449

[Update] Download QuickPwn 1.0 for Mac from these mirror locations now: RapidShare and iPhone-Hacks.com.

[iPhone] WinPwn 2.0 released

The Microsoft Windows division of users can be glad again. WinPwn 2.0 has just been released by its creator and maintainer CMW. It features activating, jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone 2G and activating and jailbreaking of iPhone 3G.

Because of the overwhelming demand for a Windows version of Pwnage, the website http://www.winpwn.com is currently not easily available. Anyway you can try to download WinPwn 2 here.

Kudos fly out to CMW, standing work :-)

[iPhone] xPwn 0.3 Released

The restless working iPhone Dev Team has just released the source-code of their commandline tool collection xPwn. Although the tool collection allows to jailbreak (iPhone 2G and 3G) and unlock (iPhone 2G only), it targets mainly at developers.

Get the source-code for Linux, MacOS X and Windows and here. Planetbeing of the iPhone Dev Team highly recommends to read the README before playing around with the tool collection.

[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows 2.0 (WinPwn) waits in its wings

CMW – the developer of the Microsoft Windows version of Pwnage tool announced that WinPwn is about to be released. On http://www.winpwn.com he writes: “Expect a release within the next few days!”.

That sounds like a release on the weekend. Windows users help is on its way. In the meantime scroll the Apple pages and consider buying a Mac :-)

[iPhone] Pwnage Tool for Firmware 2.0

Update 15.07.2008: iPhone 3G allegedly unlocked using SIM Adapter (read here)
Update 15.07.2008: XPwn command line utility released by iPhone Dev Team (read here)

Update 14.07.2008: Geohot confirms that iPhone 3G got a new bootloader (read here)

It is rumored, the Pwnage Tool for firmware 2.0 (= firmware 1.2) will not be released this weekend. Enjoy youself and don’t play around until we tell you.

Anyway the iPhone Dev Team has released a video of Pwnage Tool 2.0. See here:

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