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[iPhone] GeoHot releases iPhone 3Gs Jailbreak (Upd.)

Update July 5th, 2009: GeoHot now also provides a Mac OS X version of the jailbreak tool. Windows and Mac versions ready for download at… That’s it with the 3.0 firmware and the iPhone jailbreaks. Apple has been beaten again. This time by GeoHot. Although the iPhone Dev Team seems to have their programs […]

[iPhone] Firmware 2.1 Released

Apple made their promises come true. Firmware 2.1 is out now. If you are using a pwned iPhone – don’t update now, as it is unclear at the moment, if the iPhone remains unlocked. According to Apple firmware 2.1 should: Decrease dropped calls improve battery life reduce backup time improve email reliability (POP and Exchange) […]

[iPhone] Pwnage Tool for Firmware 2.0

Update 15.07.2008: iPhone 3G allegedly unlocked using SIM Adapter (read here) Update 15.07.2008: XPwn command line utility released by iPhone Dev Team (read here) Update 14.07.2008: Geohot confirms that iPhone 3G got a new bootloader (read here) It is rumored, the Pwnage Tool for firmware 2.0 (= firmware 1.2) will not be released this weekend. […]

[iPhone] WinPwn updated

english A new beta version of Pwnage for Windows (WinPwn) has been released. There are several bugfixes in it, but it is still no major release. The version number now says: Though there are no limitations in this version, we would not recommend to use it just now. » Download WinPwn…

[iPhone] Pwnage Tool Release Date delayed

english There has been a plenty of rumor about this new tool called “Pwnage”. But it seems like it’s right before becoming released within the next two weeks. The official iPhone Dev Team wiki pages indicate at least a delay of the release date. However a video has been released to Youtube showing how easy […]