[iPhone] Firmware 2.1 Released

Apple made their promises come true. Firmware 2.1 is out now. If you are using a pwned iPhone – don’t update now, as it is unclear at the moment, if the iPhone remains unlocked. According to Apple firmware 2.1 should:

  • Decrease dropped calls
  • improve battery life
  • reduce backup time
  • improve email reliability (POP and Exchange)
  • allow faster installation of 3rd party apps
  • reduce hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications (we don’t know either what exactly does “lots” mean?)
  • improve performance in text messaging
  • allow faster loading and searching of contacts
  • improve accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
  • and some more…

Rumors say updating the iPhone to 2.1 and using QuickPwn with firmware 2.0.2 in order to jailbreak should work. We can’t confirm this and moreover: we definitely recommend not to try this. iPod Touch may want to visit QuickPwn to find further instructions for dealing with 2.1.

As conservative users: wait a couple of days. The iPhone Dev Team is most likely on their marks…

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