[iPhone] Pwnage Tool for Firmware 2.0

Update 15.07.2008: iPhone 3G allegedly unlocked using SIM Adapter (read here)
Update 15.07.2008: XPwn command line utility released by iPhone Dev Team (read here)

Update 14.07.2008: Geohot confirms that iPhone 3G got a new bootloader (read here)

It is rumored, the Pwnage Tool for firmware 2.0 (= firmware 1.2) will not be released this weekend. Enjoy youself and don’t play around until we tell you.

Anyway the iPhone Dev Team has released a video of Pwnage Tool 2.0. See here:

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One thought on “[iPhone] Pwnage Tool for Firmware 2.0

  1. jose

    Were do i donwload this program i just updated my iphone to 2.0 and is locked please help

    Pwnage has not been released. But it’s not far from release, though. Just stay calm and wait. Don’t fool around with your iPhone. It is likely you brick it. We expect Pwnage to be released within the next three weeks.

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