[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows 2.0 (WinPwn) waits in its wings

CMW – the developer of the Microsoft Windows version of Pwnage tool announced that WinPwn is about to be released. On http://www.winpwn.com he writes: “Expect a release within the next few days!”.

That sounds like a release on the weekend. Windows users help is on its way. In the meantime scroll the Apple pages and consider buying a Mac :-)

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3 Responses to “[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows 2.0 (WinPwn) waits in its wings”

  1. Dilyn Corner says:

    WinPwn SHOULD be released sometime this week. BUT, if CMW does what he did last time, then don’t expect a release of WinPwn 2.0 until early August =|
    I’m hoping its before then because I need to make a video on it and I need to jailbreak 2.0 before I move (August 1st).

  2. rachel tub says:

    The whole Dev thing is a lie. There is no Dev Team. The whole things gets financed by Apple. It’s all a strategy of market penetration. Don’t be fools.
    So WWJD?

    Apple may have unusual marketing strategies, but this really is absurd. The Dev Team does a very decent job. Don’t you be a fool by just accusing them without telling the reason how you come to that weird conclusion.
    Kd rgds, metapapa

  3. Dilyn Corner says:

    @Rachel; Why do you think it’s just lie, financed by Apple? CMW and his partner don’t work directly with the iPhone Dev-Team, they’re almost an entirely different team. That’s why CMW takes donations and the Dev-Team doesn’t. They don’t operate under the same rules. Why do you think that?

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