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[iPhone] Workarounds for Issues with PwnageTool/QuickPwn for Firmware 2.1

We read all over the net and found some solutions to the most common issues that occurred. If you are kinda conservative user, we’d recommend not to update to firmware 2.1 and wait until a PwnageTool and QuickPwn update has been released. Since the iPhone Dev Team is reacting very fast, this should take only some days.

Known Workarounds:

Error 1600 and Error 6: restore with stock firmware 2.1, then QuickPwn (you may then put into restore mode and install custom IPSW, but it’s not necessary- credits to “HomeGrown”).

Error 1600: when Pwnage asks, if already pwned your device, answer NO, no matter if you pwned if before or not (credits to “Maurofoto”)

Error 1600: let iTunes download firmware 2.1 again (you may delete it from the local folder if you already downloaded it via iTunes. Folder on a Mac: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Update/), then exit iTunes, prep a custom IPSW using Pwnage, delete the iTunes downloaded firmware from the above mentioned folder again and copy your custom IPSW to that folder, but name it exactly as the original firmware was named (credits to “Markat”)

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[iPhone] iTunes 8 crashs Windows Vista

Windows Vista users complain about complete operating system crashs resulting in blue screens. iTunes 8 for Windows seems to have the following issues, when using under Vista:

  • after connection an iPod Touch or an iPhone to the USB port: complete system hang up
  • CD/DVD drives disappear from Windows Explorer

But Apple already reacted and distributes now a fixed version. This implies you need to uninstall your current iTunes 8, then download the fixed iTunes 8 and install ii.

[iPhone] iTunes 8 detects Pwned iPhone Firmware


Firmware 2.1 will be released today. As of now, it cannot be pwned – no matter if you are running QuickPwn or PwnageTool. We recommend not to update until further notice.

Current Status

The iPhone Dev Team reports iTunes tries to countermeasure the exploits the well known Pwnage Tool is using. After having compiled a custom firmware with Pwnage Tool or WinPwn, you need to install it using iTunes. Now, iTunes in version 8.0 refuses to install custom firmware, thus combatting Pwnage’s way into the iPhone or the iPod Touch. The iPhone Dev Team released the photo below indicating the error message from iTunes 8, when trying to install a custom firmware to a (not yet) pwned iPod Touch. As of now, it is unknown if iTunes can also detect an already installed custom firmware. Thus allowing original unmodded updates to install. This would also allow the use QuickPwn. iTunes seems not to be able to detect already pwned iPhones. Forum reports say, iTunes 8 still can install custom firmware to an already pwned iPhone. For those guys of you who are running a device fresh from the factory (means not pwned), use QuickPwn as a workaround for now.

Interim solution to pwn a new device:

  1. Use QuickPwn to jailbreak and then Pwn/unlock your device
  2. if you like you can then use Pwnage Tool to create a recovery custom firmware (imho: you don’t need it, after having QuickPwned your devices

Next Steps

Anyway the Dev Team reports, they are working on a way to trick iTunes, thus forcing iTunes to install custom firmwares even on not pwned devices. The iPhone Dev Team is currently prepping a whole lot of patches for iTunes 8, no matter if you are on Windows or on Mac. Patches will be released during the next week.

» Read the iPhone Dev Team’s article here